10% Off all Xbox 360 and PS3 accessories instore @ Game [Nationwide]
10% Off all Xbox 360 and PS3 accessories instore @ Game [Nationwide]

10% Off all Xbox 360 and PS3 accessories instore @ Game [Nationwide]

Just went in to get some points and got 10% off, lady at till said all accessories for PS3/Xbox 360 were on the deal both official and unofficial.

Notice xbox live subscribtions were on the deal too!

She said it's nationwide too!


will be checking mine tomorrow then for 10% off points

i work there and i did not know of this deal i will check tomorrow too i am working will let you all know

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well the lady said it would be nationwide as the deal was authorised by head office.
If anyone wants me to upload the reciept let me know (:

Any idea how much XBox Live Subscriptions are in there normally, and how much they are now?
Mine runs out in January, and I'm tempted by the high-rated ebay sellers of codes, but I'd rather have a sealed box!

yer same i work in game to and haven't heard anything about this what so ever..

Ill be checking tomorrow aswell

Maybe this will take GAME's prices down to be almost reasonable :-)

Does this include Turtle Beach headsets?

even if there is 10% off, i bet you can find the same thing cheaper elsewhere.

GAME are rip offs.

Anyone know if this deal is live?

Does anyone know if this includes PSN cards? Cheers.

Staff said there isn't 10% off at the one near me, might not be nationwide after all"?

Not working in my store either!

nor mine

Looks store specific then!

not in Great Yarmouth either

yeah i checked today and this is not a deal we are doing you sure you did not have student discount because you can get 10% off then and thats might be what that is but the plymouth branch are not doing this deal sorrf folks
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