10% off and 10% donated to Charity at Tiny Treasures for 14th Feb only!
10% off and 10% donated to Charity at Tiny Treasures for 14th Feb only!

10% off and 10% donated to Charity at Tiny Treasures for 14th Feb only!

Hopefully this is the right place to post - partly deal and partly voucher!

Am on the mailing list for Tiny Treasures Gifts and they are doing an offer for valentines day only, where you get 10% off any purchase from their site (over £50) plus they will also donate 10% to charity.

They help you create your own piece of silver or gold jewellery to keep a special memory close to you!! I got my wife a silver necklace with our daughters thumbprint on - which she loves. She also got her dad a dogtag with the thumbprint on.

They send you some imprint sets when you place an order, and you take the impression yourself and send it off - then you get your order with the impression done on it!!

10% only valid on 14th feb tho!!

Enter the code 'RED4HEART' at checkout to get the discount plus donation to charity.

Hope this helps someone!



It's £50 (before any deals) for the one shown. The charm is the size of a 5p coin on a sterling silver chain.

Tiny Tender Charm Necklace - £50.00

Our daintiest necklace with a hallmarked silver Tiny Tender Charm (approx 5p-1p in size and weighing upto 3g) with a fingerprint and your chosen wording on a 16inch sterling silver snake chain.

These are gorgeous...heat added for drawing my attention to such gorgeous gifts and for the extra 10% off

is it me or are these retail prices a little on the high side ?? Out of my price range although very nice

I really like the idea of this. But im not that rich.

Can anyone think of a cheaper alternative? maybe some sort of clay type pendant? Or a suitable modelling clay to DIY my own?


In reply to my own post i found this which may be useful to others.


This is a lovely idea! Have bookmarked it for my birthday. Cant justify buying anything at the min!!
Thanks OP.

Brilliant post! Am getting married in July and was looking for what to get my hubby-to-be for a gift. Was looking at cufflinks anyway but the ones on here are just perfect - such a personal touch! A bit on the pricey side but I suppose we'll only get married once... and it's cheaper than a Rolex

Shouldn't the offer really have been before the 14th of feb, given that no-one will receive their valentines orders til couple days after..
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