10% off discount card if you've recently moved house @ Focus DIY
10% off discount card if you've recently moved house @ Focus DIY

10% off discount card if you've recently moved house @ Focus DIY

Heelo, i was in Focus in Inverness yesterday to pick up some paint from this deal:


I mentioned to the check out assistant that this would be useful as i've recently moved house; and i was told that if i go back with proof that i've moved (for example, some correspondence from our solicitor or a couple of utility bills for both addresses) then they will issue me with a card that will give a 10% discount on anything bought in store, that is valid for 6 months.

This will be pretty handy i thought, as there are a few things that i'll need to do in the new house, and i didn't know that this card was available!


Did this several years ago with Focus but always worth pointing out to those who are unaware.

They do this in jewsons too. When i moved house and set up a redirection, i got a card though the post valid for a year for 10% off

It seems that some stores displaying the 'Focus' name are not in fact 'Focus' stores. I know this is hard to believe but see my posting in the "£10.99 tin of paint for £1.99" thread and check that your store participates in this offer before you waste time, effort and money for nothing like I did. :x

I believe B & Q also do something similar if you have bought a new build house, well that was the case in July 2000 when my friend moved into a new house.

Worth checking out.

there is no focus anymore homebase bought them so offer is to hook you all

Homebase doesn't own Focus, they only bought 28 stores - there are still about 200 left owned by american Cerberus.
I first had one of these cards about 10 years ago, when there stock was probably the cheapest around.

I had a card a little while ago but never used it, I find by shopping at B&Q Warehouse the savings in cost are normally greater than 10%.
One example 8x4 sheet hardboard - Focus price over £ 6 sheet - depending on store
B&Q price under £ 3. and there are hundreds more.

The only other thing focus would be good for is if they had some exclusives which you couldnt buy elsewhere - saving 10% would then be a bonus.
Although you would be far better just going to b&q buying what you want, go home and get on with it.
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