10% off Electricals at Very
10% off Electricals at Very

10% off Electricals at Very

Very are offering 10% discount on all electrical when using buy now pay later.

If you don't want it on account long term, buy, get the account credit and then pay it off. Simple.

Obviously the discount is subsidised by those who don't pay it off and pay whopping interest. Don't be that guy / gal.


don't bother used a similar offer for £30 off when opening a new account paid in full never got £30 ended up cancelling order now have to wait 14 working days to get money back on a item that isn't available until mid December shocking service not worth the hassle

Never had a problem with very, always send me vouchers as I have an account with them and work every time. Saves me a fortune on stuff I would have bought anyway

I ordered something a while back that turned out to be out of stock. I had a real fight to get a refund then another fight to get the delivery charge back.
Won't be shopping there again.

looked at something on their web site the other day , £549 against £380 elsewhere .Even using the 10% code does not make up the difference . The Brighthouse of the internet

i looked at 'something' on their site a while back and they kidnapped my family

Whats the code plz
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