10% OFF EVERYTHING @ MandMDirect
10% OFF EVERYTHING @ MandMDirect

10% OFF EVERYTHING @ MandMDirect

Title says it all. 10% Off Everything until Sunday 8th November.

No code necessary and NO minimum spend. All prices have been reduced.


Link doesn't work for me?

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oops! Soz, amended - now try.

i have just bought these boots from that site via this link and was no mention of 10% off any order:?


I have woke up now lol!!

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How can you miss it!!??!! It is stated on every product page

It might be stated on every page, but I'm not sure what they're playing at. I've had a top in my basket for £8.99 for a few days now. Just popped back and it's still 8.99. Tried removing it from my basket - went to the product page and it's still 8.99 yet the page states "includes 10% saving".

I'm not convinced! Hopefully they have reduced some other items which will benefit others on here. (won't vote cold though!)

be careful tho.the boots i wanted have gone up by a fiver,so work out more expensive.
has anyone else noticed if they've put up prices to allow for the 10% offer ?

Just ordering some trainers and saw this post :thumbsup: Don't forget the 5% cashback!

some trainers I was going to buy the other day have gone up from 23.99 to 26.99.
a little bit sly from m and m!

Voted Hot, as what I was looking at has gone down in price.
An FCUK coat I wanted is down from £99.99 to £89.99........though not suprised if some prices have gone up.

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