10% Off HP Laptops in January Sale
10% Off HP Laptops in January Sale

10% Off HP Laptops in January Sale

HP are offering 10% cashback on a range of laptops bought before 31st January 2010. You DON'T have to buy direct from HP to claim so go find the cheapest laptop from any retailer and you will get 10% back of the price you paid (excluding vat). I bought a HP 4310s from here dewgraze.com/off…cfm

Go to hpcashback.com to submit your claim. It also has a drop down list to show you which models qualify.


Interesting - might be able to do something with this...

Any idea if this applies only to HP branded, or are Compaq models included too? (nevermind - looks like it's HP branded models only)

I wonder if the deal applies to refurbished laptops too; i'd hope it would.

If so, this seems like a steal for a sub-£400 laptop that'll run most games fairly well:


-£43 (10% from HP deal)
-£12.90 (3% quidco cashback)

Already has the Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade installed.
]RM-74 CPU, (only 10% slower than a T4200)
]Radeon HD 4530 GPU (~6000 in 3dmarks 2005)

scratch that - this deal doesn't include very many of HP's laptops at all.

Infact, the selection is so limited - they probably just artificially inflated the trade price of the specific models the 10% rebait applies to.
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