10% Off in Store @ Debenhams with iTunes app
10% Off in Store @ Debenhams with iTunes app

10% Off in Store @ Debenhams with iTunes app

Hi All,

Finally after a year of taking great deals I hope I have found something worthy of HUKD that no one has posted already.

You can currently get 10% off at Debenhams in store using a mobile voucher with the Vouchers App currently in the AppStore.

Link below:

* its an actual onscreen voucher that you take into the shop and show to staff when buying something. The person at the till typed in a code to approve the discount, but all it said on the voucher was 'use reason code' and a number. The voucher had a little animation on it to prove it was real and before you download the voucher it even shows you how to get to the shop like a tomtom


Doesn't this already do that ...


Or any HUKD app

Seems to show all vouchers listed on the MyVoucherCodes.co.uk website. You could do this yourself without downloading another APP

BUT, the beauty of it seems to be that it links in with your current location & gives you those voucher codes for shops in your area, as long as they're listed on the MyVoucherCodes.co.uk website

* its an actual onscreen voucher

Sorry can't find that anywhere in iTunes. All it states is vouchers listed from the website, can you please let us know where you got this info from. As from your comment seems to like the Japanese style of shopping (ie using your phone to shop with)

Not voting yet as I personally use the HUKD apps to get any codes before I go out shopping. But whilst you're out shopping this could be very good! Will be downloading shortly to "try it out"

Thanks for posting though wouldn't have known about this otherwise

Been using this for a while and I must say its a nice free app to have on your iphone. At any time you are given all the voucher codes for the places nearest you. Haven't tried any as not sure if they will accept an online/digital coupon but it does seem a good idea. Don't know why this is expired though as the app is still available!
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