£10 off wys £40 on F&F at Tesco clothing

£10 off wys £40 on F&F at Tesco clothing

Found 17th Nov 2010
The deal is spend £40 on F&F limited edition or F&F couture and get £10 off + free delivery if you spend over £50, but I added one couture item and something else & still got the £10 off - you'll just have to try it!
No idea of expiry date, cus you don't need a voucher - it comes off automatically.
I hope it hasn't been posted already - I did a search & couldn't find it!


Thank you,it works for F&F Limited addition clothes too,which start @ about £12 upwards,also works with the 10% discount code on vouchers too.:D

As below,this was 1 limited item and some sales items etc and it worked

£10 off £40 F&F Limited Ed 10.00 Pounds

10% off your 1st order - 4.82 Pounds

Staff Discount 10 Percent 4.34 Pounds

Free Delivery when you spend £50 or more 3.95 Pounds

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