10 Pack Autumn / Winter bedding Pansies £1.99 @ Lidl from 29/8

10 Pack Autumn / Winter bedding Pansies £1.99 @ Lidl from 29/8

Found 26th Aug 2013
Sorted the Spring daffs last week, now here's the Autumn and Winter colour for baskets, pots, borders etc. I was checking Winter bedding plants last week - Homebase were doing 3 x 12 packs for £9 and if you buy this weekend you'll get another 15% off but that's still a little more expensive per plant than these.

Be aware if you're looking around for Winter bedding - a lot of places, especially online are selling plug plants which are fine if you're happy to grow them on yourself to a size which can be planted out. The Lidl ones aren't plugs, they're a decent sized plant already - 12cm height.

Remember to keep deadheading these throughout the Autumn/Winter/Spring - it really makes a difference in prolonging blooming. And in pots or baskets feed them too - the nutrients in compost are exhausted after approx. 6 weeks and plants need them to produce blooms.

ETA - as usual, they've got a selection of other plants on Thursday - bonsai figs (no idea how they do these at the price!), standard roses, cyclamen and asters/chrysanths/veronica at £1.69 or 2 for £3.
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is there any pictures of the bonsai figs? or can you give any more info on them please, its a new hobby I've just recently started and wouldn't mind one of these.
Thats a great price, thanks ceres
Got 2 trays 2 years ago. Beautiful pansies.
thanks ceres, think I'll have to invest in one of those.
£2 for 6 at Wilkinsons so a good deal
Made a special journey by car this morning before 10am to get some pansies only to find (after paying £1 for the carpark that they didn't have any and didn't know what was coming in or when! Not happy.

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Call CS.
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