10 pack floraly toilet rolls £1.39 at LIDL

10 pack floraly toilet rolls £1.39 at LIDL

Found 19th Jul 2011
This is an ongoing total bargain
Great quality loo rolls with over 240 sheets per roll

Green packet in lidl just 1.39
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Yayy! The world is somehow better when i have something flowery to wipe my bum on.
Did you say 240 "sheets" per roll? Awesome !!!!
Yeah these are standard line at Lidl - I have been using them for ages!

You know what 6 year olds are like, peel off the whole roll for one wipe, this is a cost effective solution
Not rough paper either, nice quality
Fantastic deal, one for the husband 9 for the wife.
How come this is not over 100%
These are a STEAL
Haha roll on(exuse the pun) the funny comments.
The pink packs with thicker toilet paper are half price this weekend - £2.34. The green packs were £1.19 until not that long ago.

Fantastic deal, one for the husband 9 for the wife.

Another sh*t deal!
Another excuse to spend more time in the s***t*r
Extremely Interesting article about toilet paper


I think you might find there are only 160 sheets per roll, hence the label stating 10 x 160.
The green pack is the recycled toilet paper, so buy this instead of Nouvelle! And actually, these had gone up for months to 1.57, but are back down to 1.39. At least here in Scotland, they haven't been 1.19 for over a year...
essentially cheap
I was in Lidl this morning and bought a load of their premium quality Loo roll which is selling at half price for this weekend £2.34 for 10
Has anyone tried this one along with the Nikki ones fro Home Bargains, are they as good?
Saw these in Lidl for £1.39 - not impressed - 240 sheets but rolls very small and not sure about the material. You pays your money but not as good quality as branded product or even ones like Co-op's own, but they are very cheap!
P.S - seem to be quite a few 4 ply tissues out there now including at Lidl - whats wrong with 2 ply?
Why is this expired, this offer is still on today?

They have loads of them in my local store.

This is a weekend offer
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Not expired, always this price at my Lidl.

Not expired, always this price at my Lidl.

The decent toilet paper was £2.34 (on offer at Lidl till last w/e). If the OP is talking about the bog standard (no pun intended) floraly toilet paper, that is made of recycled sandpaper for £1.34 then yes that is the standard price for it. It is extremely uncomfortable to use & in my view its best to avoid unless you like to feel pain
I thought the 89p for 4 they did was was a good deal.
This works out at less than 64p for 4, so is excellent.
Heat added.
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