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Posted 7 February 2023

10 Piece Family Feast for £14.99 Using App @ KFC

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Normal price £20.99. Valid until 5th March. These offers can only be found on the KFC App, to redeem simply select the offer from Offers & Rewards on the KFC app.
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  1. robbie1412's avatar
    Hope it stacks with this first time app use offer

    mfenny's avatar
    It does, I've just ordered it. Make a new account everyday I order for a free bucket
  2. dergal's avatar
    Worst app ever, they need to invest in it properly.
    sheffield788's avatar
    I agree. I've used it today for the first time to post this deal. Had to uninstall it 3 times and still does not work properly.
  3. Pancakes42's avatar
    They repeat this offer once you’ve used it up. Always available on the kfc app.
    Pancakes42's avatar
    I may have taken advantage of this offer a few too many times… (edited)
  4. flystarjay's avatar
    how much is this usually?
    sheffield788's avatar
    According to KFC website £20.99.
  5. Joign123's avatar
    bring back 9 for 5.99!!
  6. Change_Me's avatar
    Don't know how they haven't changed their nasty "new" chips yet, does anyone even like them?
    sheffield788's avatar
    I don't eat fast food often, but had some last month and they were horrible and not many. I did not know these are 'new' chips, but the chips from their direct competitor taste much better IMO.
  7. Mattyblob's avatar
    Family of one

  8. Nick_Gill's avatar
    This was £11.99 in December.
    Parallax's avatar
    Is that price coming back?
  9. Scrimper's avatar
    Good value when you consider the 6 Piece "Bargain" Bucket is £13.99 - so you're getting 4 extra chicken, 2 sides and a large bottle drink for a quid 😁
  10. Henno's avatar
    Last time I got this I got a bucket full of drumsticks
    2409chris's avatar
    I got the wings… no joke got 8 wings in a 10 piece.
  11. iGlad's avatar
    Download the app and you’ll see the offers however trying to redeem them might not work in the app. You need to go to the counter and get them to scan the QR code shown. (edited)
    sheffield788's avatar
    Worked for me on the 2nd try yesterday. But I had to install the app 3 times until it worked😃
  12. sheffield788's avatar
    hotsir's avatar
    Every day I’m shuffling
  13. Sherbat's avatar
    Ordered last night, the chicken pieces are getting smaller every other half year I order from there.

    Saving grace was winning a tiny wrap on the arcade game.

    Better value found in local indie chicken shops but admitedly the chicken does taste better, shame about the sizes and portions and no free sauces. (edited)
  14. dubai32's avatar
    Don't know how they haven't changed their nasty "new" chips yet, does anyone even like them?

    Omg yuck they soo disgusting. I got the 8 pound deal the other day and tried it
  15. Sami_A's avatar
    Original price?
    sheffield788's avatar
    £21, mentioned already in the comments.
  16. mcivoronline's avatar
    Valentines 😁
  17. DimitrescO's avatar
    App not working properly... Shows my location 5 miles away from where I should be...
    TheMaestro's avatar
    Your location settings might be set to approximate instead of precise
  18. mistrzu102's avatar
    not working
    sheffield788's avatar
  19. wickjnr's avatar
    Has anyone managed to work out what this KFC Rewards Arcade thing is on the app?

    It says on the banner of the app "2 plays a day", but I can't for the life of me work out how to play it.
    tonyawesome69's avatar
    You have to spend a minimum £3 to get an invite to the rewards arcade

    kfc.co.uk/kfc-rewards-arcade (edited)
  20. wickjnr's avatar
    I've never had an invite after I've spent more than £3 in there.

    bushman's avatar
    Circus only comes to town once a year...
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