10 plays (usually £3.50 each) for £15.00 @ wacky warehouse

10 plays (usually £3.50 each) for £15.00 @ wacky warehouse

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Normally they are £3.50 per visit so 10 plays works out at £1.50 a visit. Ideal for the odd rainly day between now and end of August

Even better is its not per child - my wife bought a pass and used 2 stamps straight away for our 2 boys, so you could actually take 10 children for £15. I spent £120 on my sons party for 20 kids inc food it could make the beginnings of a very cheap party (without their below average food too!)


Great price, perfect for our summer! Thanks.

England only but nice find


England only but nice find

Why England only? We have one in South Wales.

hate these places. full of kids whose parents couldnt give a monkey about how their kids are treating others around them

voted hot, no use to me but fwd'd to a friend

voted cold.....kids only


Closed the one nearest to me in Oldham...always seemed to smell of pee & full of chavs with nasty kids. Staff didn't care much & lacked basic training especially in H & S.

Great deal.
Im off to drop my 9 kids off there now so i can have a quiet afternoon.
Pick them up @ last orders.

Good find OP.


its my sons birthday next month so thought this would be a great start to a cheap party as op suggested, however just called my local (colliers wood) who said the passport cant be used at once (eg 10 kids) but must be used on 10 separate visits - oh well. still going to buy for my kids though. thanks
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