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10 room Log Cabin House ASTRID (Insulated, 44 mm + Cladding),120 m² :building kit,insulation,staircase,double glazed doors+windows

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One of our latest wooden house models from the Scandinavian-inspired collection – a true attention-grabber ASTRID – might be difficult to resist. Featuring contemporary vertical cladding, stylish apex roof and numerous large windows and doors, this spacious wooden house is one of the largest models in our assortment. Its efficient internal layout and two-storey structure will allow you to dedicate the entire second floor for peaceful relaxation.
The price includes wooden building kit (walls, external cladding, roof, floor), wooden staircase, insulation, double glazed wooden doors & windows, hardware kit, delivery, offloading, VAT.
Model Highlights• Spacious living room - a perfect place for gathering with the entire family, having delicious meals together, and discussing your day.
• Contemporary wooden cladding for upscale aesthetics.
• Wooden decor elements that could be tinted in contrasting colours to achieve a more modern look.
• Three dedicated bathroom areas, ensuring everyone’s privacy and residential comfort.
• Ability to upgrade the house with a front and side terrace area (optional feature).
• Stylish roof overhang provides an additional design tweak.

Looking for a comfortable and spacious residential solution? If you adore minimalistic Scandi-inspired design, our gorgeous wooden house ASTRID probably already got into your heart. Its magnificent structure with contemporary cladding and wooden décor elements will bring your residential experience to an entirely new level. Enjoy warmth, cosiness and comfort in your new family home.

Thermal InsulationBasic wooden house insulation ensures optimal thermal comfort for longer stays, whether you decide to visit your house in summer or winter months. This insulation version features 25 mm thickness insulation material, used for the roof and floors, and in between the double walls, providing warmth and cosiness during any month of the year.
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Stating the obvious, I know - but your local council planning authority (and National Park Authority, etc if relevant) needs to be consulted before you put one of these up in the back garden. Tempting though it might be. Otherwise, they might deliver the ton of bricks that this lacks. On your head (and wallet).

Here, they came around having spotted a DOG kennel in their aerial photographic survey. That's a National Park, for you.

They don't sell one that looks more like a farm building, do they? Just asking,
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  1. KiiMo's avatar
    Hmm the insulation is only 25mm thick. The Building Regulation Friendly (BRF) variant is £61.5k and most likely what a buyer of this type of product would need if it becomes an habitable home.
    mkkr's avatar
    Could use the cardboard boxes it's sent in to insulate the walls etc
  2. rob.driscoll's avatar
    25mm insulation? I built a garden room myself from scratch and I have 50mm pir all over.
    Jinkz's avatar
    Check out this bigshot with his double thickness insulation.

    Are you single?
  3. gordo1964's avatar
    Do they leave it behind the bin of you’re not in.?
    TMKKMT's avatar
    No, they throw it over your fence as per!
  4. iGlad's avatar
    Has anyone ok HUKD actually bought one? I think the answer might be no!
  5. t78's avatar
    This would be the mother of hukd impulse purchases!! (edited)
    NuffinisFree's avatar
    Reminds me of Cecil Chubb, the guy who purchased stonehenge for his wife instead of a pair of curtains.

    Wife: Honey, did you buy that lawnmower that was on hotukdeals today?
    Husband: No love, I got something better instead. A 10 room log cabin
  6. JP211190's avatar
    How much would it cost roughly to get someone to put this together?
    Cooling_Deals's avatar
    I know a couple of guys; give them a call

  7. video61's avatar
    Ordered 10 lol
    chiggz's avatar
    Flog some on eBay?
  8. TeamMCS's avatar
    I wonder what's actually required to take this from a piece of land to an actual liveable house
  9. myjunkmail_account's avatar
    Finally I can replace my garden shed.
    Thanks hukd
  10. AnotherOne's avatar
    44mm thick supporting wall for something with 2 stories seems a little thin for me.
  11. itsjonboyok's avatar
    Anybody got the dimensions for Parcelforce quote..?
  12. Dast's avatar
    Why described as a log cabin?

    It’s built from planks like most sheds and summer houses.
  13. SharxRipz's avatar
    Bought 20 for eBay.
  14. Grrrrrrrrrrr's avatar
    Heat added. Oh, I want one.... So very much. I'd hate to be responsible for all those heart attacks in the Planning Office, though, when it appeared on the aerial survey.
    jumpinoffthbed's avatar
    You make it sound like there's anyone actually working at the planning office
  15. Daniel_Houldsworth's avatar
    Might bite at 37k
  16. charles_roma's avatar
    Landscaping included?
    zx636r's avatar
    You tidy your own bikini line......
  17. Matty1302's avatar
    So is this like real life Lego but for builders with experience?
  18. Jed_tb's avatar
    just a casual 38k
  19. kidrock123's avatar
    Bought 7 for ebay....
  20. ozk's avatar
    What would the cost be of putting something like this up in Manchester?
    andysfast's avatar
    Some manc kid on a bmx would steel it before the builder got there.
  21. jakeyjakey's avatar
    What’s the returns policy like?
  22. andysfast's avatar
    My first house was £8k so this seems a bit expensive.
    kooger21's avatar
    In 1952 maybe
  23. Clay92's avatar
    I'm wondering how much in total this would cost to make habitable, after electrics, plumbing, decorating, etc.
  24. Yellow_Elephant's avatar
    Ordered ! thank you Op !
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