10 (selected) birthday cards for £1 @ Card Factory

10 (selected) birthday cards for £1 @ Card Factory

Found 24th Sep 2011
card factory is doing 10 birthday cards for a 1.00 all difrent styles


this is a permanent price - not really an offer

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not in the shop i bought them it stated it was an offer for a limited time

Been like this for a long time. Its not a deal. Its permenant

its always like that

If I remember rightly it used to be 7 cards for £1 last year, not 10 cards for £1, therefore it is not a permenant offer.

I bought 10 for a £1 in March. It did got to 7 for a £1 for a while but it's back to 10 in my local store. You can't miss the sign as the display is right at the entrance. I buy all my cards in bulk as I hate waiting the ques in that store. x

yes, these are always on offer. Either these or 7 for a £1 (I think) but thanks for posting!

They must be desperate

altho this isnt exactly a deal i voted hot just to alert people to card factory.

They are 3 different types btw, 5 for £1, 7 for £1 and 10 for £1.

Also whilst it might "not be an offer" you can't get it all year round because they go away near Christmas. Probably next month.

I didn't think this site was called HotUKOffers...

Good deal!

have always got 10 for £1 in card factory

Great shop, heat added. Doesn't matter to me that It's always 10 for a quid.

Everyone should know about card factory as it just shows what a rip off the rest of the card shops are.
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