10 * Sony Premium MiniDV 60min Tapes £6.49 (possibly reduced further to £3.24) @ Comet
10 * Sony Premium MiniDV 60min Tapes £6.49 (possibly reduced further to £3.24) @ Comet

10 * Sony Premium MiniDV 60min Tapes £6.49 (possibly reduced further to £3.24) @ Comet

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Picked up today in clearance bucket a local Comet (Barnsley), they had plenty.

Ten tape blister pack of Sony Premium 60mins, 8 + 2 Digital Video Tapes. (code: 359866)

These are being sold between £18 (Pixmania) and up to £35 elsewhere. Jessops are selling 5 packs for £16. Online: Comet.co.uk are selling 5 packs at £24.99.

[UPDATE] Called back for a few more packs on way home from work - Only as the cashier ran them through till, I commented on what a good price they are. His reply was, yes, they're half price.

So four more packs, 10 tapes (8+2) per pack. Total price £12.96 or £3.24 per pack of 10.



Hot Hot Hot

Cracking price, Brilliant deal if national.


Cracking price, Brilliant deal if national.

Hopefully they'll have some in my local store, as this really is an amazing price for quality MiniDV tapes.I got a 5 pack of Panasonic tapes just before Christmas, and they were £14.99

Heat added :thumbsup:

Great price, hot

wow any confirmation if its not store specific?

It's got to be worth a look - thanks W1zz.

none for my local store. Teesside Retail Park.

Everytime I see this picture I keep thinking its a box of Chicken Kievs from a supermarket

Was looking through my old tapes yesterday and Im still amazed by the quality, will defo get some of these, cheers OP! :thumbsup:

Agreed, hot find. heat added.

these tapes are truly excellent. i use them in my hdr-hc7 high definition camcorder and they are perfect. Have HDV tapes to compare and really its not worth the extra.

heat added

edit: called up comet aberdeen beach boulevard - non in clearance, 5 pack £24.99! daylight robbery)

stock is in Barnsley and Bolton. Did a national check today but they do have plenty of stock.

Original Poster

Just called back in for 4 more packs, only cashier mentioned they were half price.

Sticker price £6.49 - Charged £3.24 per pack.

Total £12.96 for 40 * Sony Premium MiniDV tapes. :thumbsup:


They had 14 packs left in the bucket when I left.

some deal that for you.

well done. cheapest ive found five for online is £7 ish.
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