10" tablet 4GB ram 32GB MEMORY £60.60 @ Ali express

10" tablet 4GB ram 32GB MEMORY £60.60 @ Ali express

Found 8th Aug 2017
Really good price for this. I buy phones all the time from them and find they all work flawless.
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Forgot to mention this is on the aliexpress site.
Android 4.4?
How long did they work flawless?
A week or a Month?
Would need to see some reviews before being tempted

Android 4.4 might put some off, okay as a second tablet you don't mind travelling with, or for the kids, maybe? The full title says "Phone Call 10 Inch Tablet pc Android 4.4 Original 3G Android Octa Core 4GB RAM 64GB ROM WiFi FM IPS LCD Tablets Pc" - says it comes with "Free Gifts = Stylus Pen + Screen Protector".

Options are, Rose Gold, Black, Silver Or Gold.
If was in UK I'd bite
It says android 5.1
4gb ram is obviously nice
Don't see Android 5.1 mentioned anywhere on the listing, though there are other tablets for sale offering 5.1 - says 4.4 everywhere for this one.

Only one review, from a French buyer:
"Bundle: 32G ROM add keyboard Color: Gold Logistics: DHL
I tested almost completely the tablet before giving result here, because I had sometime problems with memory fakes. This tablet seems to be as expected. There is a problem, I hope will remain minor, that is I have as ordered only 16Gb memory but the system reports 32. So far external apps like cpu-x (or cpu-z) report the right memory content and I hope the difference wont stop the tablet working like did the fake one I had from an other supplier. The tablet is very fast, RAM is large. This 10" model is nearly too wide :-)). good overall product for the price. UPS shipping very fast."
devlino32 m ago

It says android 5.1

specs on website defiantly android 4,4 kitkat so cold from me
Will likely be easy to find another Lollipop firmware for a similar model that can be ported.
To be honest I have bought phones from there with similar specs and have had no problems. One of them even had an IR blaster so I can turn over any TV or device. Great fun turning the TV off during footy season in the pub. Everyone went mad and didn't know why it was happening lol
Be aware you will have import fees to pay as it is delivered by DHL . Which makes it much less of a bargain.
DHL charge £11 in addition to the customs charges ( which would be another £12 if they declared the correct amount on the package )
So far that hasn't happened to me as its always listed as "gift" on the package which means they won't charge you for it
Only 3.5 hours on battery,no thanks.
choices20 h, 18 m ago

specs on website defiantly android 4,4 kitkat so cold from me

At top of the posted pic it says 5.1
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