10 wii's in stock on GAME
10 wii's in stock on GAME

10 wii's in stock on GAME

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Hurry!!! but the basket issue is happening again


voted hot + repped. be quick if you want one people.

[SIZE=2]can you post a link that actually takes you to the product?[/SIZE]

cant find it

[COLOR=#a12283]Stock Online:[/COLOR] None [COLOR=#a12283]Stock Instore:[/COLOR] None
There is currently no Wii stock available.

That's on the stock update page

interesting the direct links though, if you see at the top there is a link path that says home > wii > wii hardware > hardware bundles

if you click on hardware bundles, it's not listed in there

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stil in stock - see link

doesnt work, try clicking 'Buy'

Only in stock as a bundle now

edit; satchf1 is right. no longer allowing adding to basket.

This is the same thing that happened yesterday. I reckon keep trying the link throughout the day as suddenly yesterday they had loads in stock

wont let me do it
cookies i assume

what's the "basket issue" that is happening again??

Is Wii sports included?

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when you click buy it directs you to a page saying that you;re basket is empty & says to check your cookies

cant see a Buy button.

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Is Wii sports included?

i presume so, but doesn't say...it;s a bundle with zelda....but can get it cheaper from gamestation with 1 game...£209.99, although they're out of stock on the website...got mine on preorder as I'm sick of trying websites everyday!!!

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cant see a Buy button.

it's there!!! still got some by the looks of it aswell


Is Wii sports included?

seems not:-(

It Does Come With Wii Sports, Recieved Mine This Morning


It Does Come With Wii Sports, Recieved Mine This Morning

Was it this package?

Sports should come with any package as it is in the box itself.

It says 10+ at mo for bundle with zelda

hmm loads in stock here too.

but was there not some scandal where game were selling it without sports?

in stock now for all those that want it, just clicked buy and it works

all bundles are in stock too, not just zelda. do a search for "Wii Console"


but was there not some scandal where game were selling it without sports?

That would be virgin megastores.

Just ordered one and all went fine. Waiting to see if they actually have one to ship now


That would be virgin megastores.

ah! cheers.

*buys* :-D

I got in there with my reorder after yesterday's credit card debacle (used wrong card which didn't have enough balance) except they've now held the order for credit checking :lol:

Got one!!!!!!!!

Repped, thanks

If you want to use QUIDCO search in search for. few different packages aswell.

Nintendo Wii with The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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I've ordered myself one now!!! checked with playstation 1st that i can get my deposit back though!!! My order is now being released for order!!! if it changes to back ordered i swear i'll go mad!!!!

quidco.com/game will give 3% on hardware.
Use a game reward card for another 2.5% back also by signing up here;
game.co.uk/Rew…rd/ (£3 for life but can use straight away and the 2.5% on this outweighs cost)

Shows available packages with all manner of games.

Not just Zelda!

^ if getting a reward card don't forget to be cheeky and try to get 15 p back through quidco :P

Don't forget they do other bundles too, some two and three game bundles available

held for credit checking... hmmm!

[SIZE=2]So strange with their pricing. £5 more today than yesterday.[/SIZE]

I think this has expired now.. can anyone confirm?

held for credit checking... hmmm!

Is that what you got or are you commenting on mine :lol:

It's only because I didn't realise the card I tried to use yesterday didn't have enough balance available so obviously the card company rejected it. I assume therefore that i've been flagged, however using my debit card this time so they shouldn't have any problems

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