10' x 30' Wedding / Party Tent / Marquee w/ sides @ Sports HQ was £299.99 now only £79.99

10' x 30' Wedding / Party Tent / Marquee w/ sides @ Sports HQ was £299.99 now only £79.99

Found 8th May 2008Made hot 8th May 2008
Brand new marquee for this year!

This 10ft by 30 ft (3m x 9m) party tent from Palm Springs Leisure includes everything you need - the marquee itself, side walls with windows, ropes and stakes, and all the hardware needed for assembly. An incredible value gazebo!


Holds up to 50 people
Durable waterproof polyethylene cover
High quality, rust & corrosion resistant powder coated steel framework
Elegant Design
Easy to set up, all hardware for assembly and instructions included
Blocks up to 90% of the suns UV rays keeping you cool and comfortable
Ideal for commercial or recreational use - parties, weddings etc.
Sidewalls are easily removed for open air exhibits or outdoor events with overhead protection
6 sidewalls all with large pane windows for maximum light and viewing
2 solid end walls
Comes with ropes and stakes for added stability


Might want to note the delivery aswell:

UK Mainland 3-5 Wrk Days £11.00
UK Mainland Next Wrk Day £14.00
Northern Ireland £14.00
Mainland Europe £20.00
Offshore Islands £20.00

Probably cheaper than hiring one!

I want one of these - even though I have nowhere to put it lol - looks impressive!

This would be great for church fetes etc. Heat added :thumbsup:

Wowwweeee that's a big one!!

[CENTER]Must be worth buying & selling on Ebay etc .......

I have one of these.... they are great... bought it for my sons christening because it worked out a load cheaper than hiring one and you get to keep it... Have used it on a couple of other occations too...


this would be nice as an outdoor photo studio too. nice even light at midday on a sunny day

darn, and we went and booked the hilton for our wedding reception, LOL

Watch out! Affiliate link about!

Don't forget your 10% Quidco. I have used the company before after a recommendation on here and they are spot on....

Fantastic price for this - HOT :).

this is a great deal heat and rep added :-D .... now if i can just jet my fella to pop the question ..... :whistling: the reception would be sorted:-D

These are great for the summer when your having a BBQ - it normally rains when I even think of having one so this keeps the bangers dry

Same thing in Homebase at £79.99, or £72 on 10% off day.


A "Spare Home " for when the relatives visit.......... Voted hot!

Sorry to destoy the fun, but check these reviews: amazon.co.uk/Con…t=1

When you hire, its a quality product...

"We would only recomend this marquee if you were using it in an area with no wind at all"

"I would therefore not recommend this marquee where there is any risk of wind or rain"

Not much good out on the fens where I live then. :whistling:

If you shop about you might get one for less money. I got one last year for £50 from Focus. Also a mate of mine bought one for a simillar price from B&Q.

They are very handy when you have a BBQ just in case it rains and for later on in the evening when it starts getting cold


Sorry to destoy the fun, but check these reviews: … Sorry to destoy the fun, but check these reviews: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Confidence-Wedding-Gazebo-Party-Marquee/dp/customer-reviews/B000QCO350/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt/203-6978817-5241561?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1&customer-reviews.start=1#customerReviewsWhen you hire, its a quality product...

Thanks for that, was just about to buy one. Wasn't expecting too much, but have been really put off by the reviews.

Anyone know of anything similar?


Excellent price - voted HOT

If you have a JTF cash and carry near you they are £50 + VAT
Sorry but the quality is naff and you can get them on ebay at that price

Had similar one to this for son's 1st birthday.
Was OK until the weather turned. Then things got interesting.
Spent ages trying to keep it intact. Rips easily in wind. Have a needle and thread on stanby ! Not sure mine is useable any more.
Thats said, it was cheaper than hiring and it did the job...just pick your day.

Bought one of these from FOCUS DIY last year for £49. They are very flimsy and the joints are plastic which broke very easily in a bit of wind as the tent blew over. (Was able to get some spare parts before the branch closed down luckily). Only buy if you plan to use it infrequently when you can be sure it wont be too windy. But I find the original £299 a bit of a joke!

i got a 6m X 3m one similar to this deal from cyber checkout and it has with stood 4 scottish summers now

is that a record :whistling::-D

This maybe a little on the pricey side but for around £200 you could buy a quality marque.
Myself and other family members chipped in on one.
The marque is a Gala 3X6m, this will handle the lovely weather us brits have to face in the summer.
We even had xmas dinner in ours with the patio heater on.
The link......galatent.co.uk/mor…702
This company do sell these on poobay so you may get one a little cheaper if you bid at the right time!

it doesn't look that solid, looks like a big gazebo

I ordered one yesterday for a charity event, but after reading those reviews I've just cancelled the order. :cry:
Anyone know of a better alternative?

wish i had a garden big enough for this

they were this price in Mackro about 3 years ago, they r really great for a party just one thing to note they rip very easy i took mine back after one party!


I ordered one yesterday for a charity event, but after reading those … I ordered one yesterday for a charity event, but after reading those reviews I've just cancelled the order. :cry:Anyone know of a better alternative?

Read post 28

sorted! will buy one of these to stop my mates trashing my garden

isn't this just a corridor though?

do u have 2 pay council tax for it

We use one which sounds very similar to this one every year as a green room for an outdoor convention and it holds up well. The poles are metal and the brackets are plastic, but we've not had one break. It really is a case of picking your pitching spot as these are free-standing and don't peg to the ground so perhaps invest in some additional guy ropes to keep it down.

Nice price, and they fit in a car when boxed up. So hot!
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