100 Assorted Waterproof Plasters £1.00 @ Poundstretchers

100 Assorted Waterproof Plasters £1.00 @ Poundstretchers

Found 30th Apr
Big box of various plasters in Poundstretchers. Assuming nationwide.

Cut my thumb with Stanley blade didn't I?!
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Please add Poundstretchers as the retailer, no option to add offline deals on the app???
They actually stay on better than some of the named brands
It's ridiculous how there is no Poundstretcher near me... Maybe one day I have to travel to the nearest Poundstretcher (a long way) and fill up my basket.
Only your thumb??

One of my most embarrassing days was the day I embedded a Stanley deep into my knee.

The story involved a beautiful red headed nurse I had a crush on, a tiny pair of silk budgie smugglers, and the boss walking in and seeing the nurse knelt in front of my semi-nakedness (and uncontrollable "excitedness)....
Will pick some of these up today, thanks
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