100 Classic Book Collection  11.99 delivered @ amazon

100 Classic Book Collection 11.99 delivered @ amazon

Found 24th Aug 2009
* Contains 100 classic books from authors such as Austen, Dickens, and Shakespeare
* Adjust text to small or large size to suit your reading preference
* Search for books that match your mood or time constraints
* Bookmark feature allows you to save your place in a book
* Download 10 additional books through Nintendo Wi-Fi connection


hello HMV also £11.99 when amazon run out of stock - excellent price and excellent find just ordered put by for christmas!!! thank you op!!!:)

This is a swiz, there's only 23 books on it! You can download more apparently (didn't work for me) but you then lose some you already have. Am I missing something, rather new to this technology stuff!

cold £9.95 here ]http//ww…ker
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