100 cm x 75 cm photo canvas for £19 plus £5 delivery @ my-picture

100 cm x 75 cm photo canvas for £19 plus £5 delivery @ my-picture

Found 27th May 2017
I received my 100 x 50 cm photo canvas today and within there was a link for family and friends discount for a 100 x 75 cm canvas for £19 !!!

This is way cheaper than what i paid for my smaller one. Couldn't believe it.

Since i consider everyone on HUKD my friends, it would be rude not to share this!

I can vouch for the quality. My Black and White canvas was made from a 20MP picture, so as long as your picture is of similar resolution, a 100 x 75 should be absolutely fine!

Offer expires 31 Dec 2017. But i would be surprised if it runs that long now that it's on HUKD.
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Wow, thank you so much for sharing OP this was such a bargain I have just ordered 2. one for me and one as a Christmas prezzie. I'm so pleased and cant thank you enough. have some heat.
really suprised this is cold! Still worked for me and much much cheaper than elsewhere!
It's strange how HUKD works. Mind boggles sometimes. My-picture are ALWAYS running offers. They are by far the most competitively priced company. I've ordered 3 massive canvases from them and all have been superb. the only thing is getting caried away by ordering the largest sized ones. Fit the picture to your space!!
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