100 Colouring Pens 10p Found in B&M Ashford

100 Colouring Pens 10p Found in B&M Ashford

Found 26th Sep 2016Made hot 26th Sep 2016
Found these in B&M ashford today, they were not reduced on the shelf but scanned at 10p,

Purchased 2 more for presents & definitely 10p.

Assistant said something about changing packaging.

Quite a few left on the shelf, Packs of 80 & 100 mixed together, I think the 80 pens scanned at 60p but 100 pens are 10p.


Always nice when someone actually finds these bargains Instore

Thanks OP

good find op, heat added

I bought some today in Warrington but mine were still £2.99 gutted

This is only for a limited time, they changed the 100 pack to a pack of 80 so the 100 packs are selling cheap so they can get rid of the old version
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