100% extra free tetley tea bags 160 instead of 80 for £1.50 instore at ASDA

100% extra free tetley tea bags 160 instead of 80 for £1.50 instore at ASDA

Found 27th Mar 2009Made hot 28th Mar 2009
Was in ASDA tonight and where the big display of the yorkshire tea was the other night,they had now replaced it with 100% free on tetley tea bags,These were only £1.50 so hopefully ok for the people who didnt like the yorkshire tea bags ;-)
I cant see this posted already so hope this helps someone.I have checked online and cannot see it but 160 tea bags are normally £3.39 and 80 are normally £1.69 so a great offer.Again I saw this on the way out as I am dense and never look at these on the way in but I could get a picture tomorrow if that will help anyone!



Not really my cup of tea.................oh wait, it is my cup of tea, deal!

Hot ...... is by far the best way to drink tea

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Lol see I disagree and like the yorkshire tea but this is a close second!

fab deal :thumbsup:

Saw this in Pudsey store aswel in Leeds! hot deal!

I love a cup of Tetley.

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Thats where it was,pudsey by the slidey doors in the entrance :-)

I normally drink Tetley tea but have just tried Sainsbury's BASIC (fairtrade) teabags at 28p for 80. I would give Tetley 6 out of 10 and Sainsbury's BASIC 8 out of 10. Tesco VALUE for same price 3 out of 10. I understand Asda also do good BASIC teabags for 28p for 80. Worth testing....... you could save lots of money over a year.

None in ASDA Leicester. Just been this morning.

I have to say that you simply can't compare Tetley Tea Bags to Yorkshire Tea. Yorkshire is in a different league. Having said that, Tetley offers overall better value.


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Im sorry they didnt have any in your store,I guess it will take them a while to get the new stock out but agree about yorkshire tea.

See... you can get the big brands in supermarkets for less than a penny a bag!!

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