100 free standard prints 10 x 15 cm (4"x6") Postage £1.33 @ Aldi

100 free standard prints 10 x 15 cm (4"x6") Postage £1.33 @ Aldi

Found 13th Oct 2013
Register with Aldi Photo Service and receive a code via email for 100 free prints 10 x 15 cm (4"x6"). Just pay postage £1.33.
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Anyone confirm that this still works? I'm unable to get it working

Anyone confirm that this still works? I'm unable to get it working

Received a email with code. Are you register as a new member?
Yes, got the email with code but it says its invalid. I've copied/pasted it too. Not mentioned on their site any more is it?
i cant work this website out
If its anything like their free photo mug a while back you need to go and register as a new member for this to work... its amazing how many email accoutns suddenly find their way into the system just remember to name them different people even if its to the same address
Free photos are always great especially around christmas!

Cheers, i'll be trying this !
Has anyone tried the code though recently? I think it may have expired.
just added a "new account" and not even got an email back from Aldi:(
thanks x
Worked for me. Registered with a new email and got an email moments later with a "100 photos free with first order" banner.
Just registered and got an emailed code for 100 free prints straight away. Still works.
Has anyone tried to see if the value is deducted from the order though. I got the email etc, but can't get it to work...
Worked so far for me
Aarrrgggghhh. Has anyone, input the code and the total come to £1.33 for 100 photos?
Tried this a few days ago and although I registered and had the registration email with the code I couldn't get the code to work after spending an hour or two choosing photos to order. I went ahead with the order anyway (the registration email said put the code in after uploading the photos, which happens after the payment page (and code input page) and this wasn't the case) and have emailed customer services to chase it up and hopefully get the refund but Aldi customer services are not great (according to other previous discussions of this deal) and I'm yet to hear back from them.
The Aldi Which best supermarket advert on TV annoys me so much! Especially the guy who says WHAAAT! Arghhh!
Has anyone got their sexually explicit photos printed yet? I keep getting a message about 'borderline legal' and 'offensive material'. Is this offer over?
'not surprised at all' TV

'not surprised at all' TV

I have this message after entering the code Invalid Voucher: This voucher has already been used. (72)
I just now registered, Why it happens???
Guess it doesn't work then. Thanks to the op- it was worth a try. I need to get some pics printed cheap. Anyone else anywhere else that is offering 100 free at the moment - the Boots offer has finished too
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I have receive a code, don't know it will work or not
Does anyone know if they deliver to the Isle of Man? I can't find delivery information on the site. Thank you.
Thought it said 100 free pints
PMSL.....536 degrees and doesn't work
Great deal

Is there a timescale which you need to redeem this in.

It's worked for the last few years and has always been advertised on their home page. It's no longer advertised and so I assume the offer has ended although the email that new customers receive includes the code. Perhaps they have ended the promotion but not changed their auto email??
Code not working for people on here or the people who tried in on HUKD facebook page - should it be expired?
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Yes it does work if you register. After registration you will be sent a code to enter for 100 free prints.

Yes it does work if you register. After registration you will be sent a … Yes it does work if you register. After registration you will be sent a code to enter for 100 free prints.

Yes everyone I know has done that, got the code via email after registering which is 100FREE then you download the loader, upload you pictures, get right to the end where you put your code in and it has error message code already been used when it hasn't and never registered with a photo site before, not just me, lots of people. Yet to find one person who it has worked for since the deal was posted yesterday. I tried contacting the customer services via email then they sent me another email
Dear Customer

Thank you for contacting us, concerning problems with your MEDION product.

In order to proceed further with resolving this fault, we will need further details from you.

Can you please provide information requested using our web form.

We have changed our customer relationship management software, so cannot answer initial query’s via email.
Once we have the required information we can then assist you further in an efficient manner.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kind Regards
Medion UK Serviceteam

Really helpful! NOT
thanks for that ...won't proceed to tell all my staff about it then if it doesn't work!!! only done the first part not uploaded photos yet
Can you upload from Facebook? Need one to upload directly as I n my tablet or phone? If anyone knows of a site with free photo please :-)
I could not get it to install but I have contacted the site, hope more of you have done this too otherwise it wont get fixed.
!!!!!!!!!Used this code NEJLRKKV63 work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!!!!!!!Used this code NEJLRKKV63 work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i tried but it said 'it has been used'.
Here's one that works try code 500FREE.

No. It won't work just like the 100FREE doesn't work - it used to but not one person has confirmed here that it still works. Expire it please. Or if anyone has a code that does work...
Just tried uploading and ordering 100 prints myself, I can confirm that his doesn't work any more. Please expire.
Take a look at the thread for boots photo. 95 free there and it does work, I've tried it
worked for me, ordered

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