100 Hit For Kids: 4CD & DVD Boxset £3.99 + Free Delivery @ HMV (Spongebob Squarepants / Peppa Pig / Pocoyo / Charlie and Lola / The Backyardigans / Go Diego Go / The Magic Roundabout / Bob the Builder / The Wonder Pets / Noddy / Fifi and the Flowerto

100 Hit For Kids: 4CD & DVD Boxset £3.99 + Free Delivery @ HMV (Spongebob Squarepants / Peppa Pig / Pocoyo / Charlie and Lola / The Backyardigans / Go Diego Go / The Magic Roundabout / Bob the Builder / The Wonder Pets / Noddy / Fifi and the Flowerto

£3.99HMV Deals
Found 7th Aug 2009
Thought this was a really great bargain CD/DVD boxset at an excellent price

Disc One
1. Charlie and Lola Theme Tune-Charlie and Lola
2. When We Play In A Band-LazyTown
3. Waltzing Matilda / Kookaburra-Dora the Explorer
4. Fifi's Lemonade-Fifi and the Flowertots
5. Peppa Pig Medley-Peppa Pig
6. Pitt & Kantrop Theme-Pitt & Kantrop
7. Life's A Treat-Shaun The Sheep Wool Mix
8. Pocoyo Theme-Pocoyo
9. Me Too! Theme - Riverseafingal-Me Too!
10. Jim Jam & Sunny Theme-Jim Jam & Sunny
11. Hey Hey Finley-Finley The Fire Engine
12. The Beeps Opening Titles-The Beeps
13. Mama Mirabelle Title Theme-Mama Mirabelle
14. Mister Maker Theme-Mister Maker
15. Feel The Power-Bratz Babyz
16. Let's Make Music-Something Special
17. Right Here, Right Now-Tweenies
18. Morning In The Rainforest / Diego Theme-Go Diego Go!
19. The Backyardigans Theme Song-The Backyardigans
20. Right Tool For The Job-Bob the Builder
Disc Two
1. Space Pirates-Space Pirates Extended Theme
2. The Bestest in the Barn-Charlie and Lola
3. Big Barn Farm Theme-Big Barn Farm
4. If You Need A Little Rhythm-Balamory
5. Five Senses-Mama Mirabelle
6. Who'd Ya Call?-Brum
7. Postman Pat Medley-Postman Pat
8. Main Title - Jakers! Theme-Jakers!
9. Rupert Bear Follow The Magic-Rupert Bear
10. I Am The Monkey-Something Special
11. Wriggle Song-Jim Jam & Sunny
12. Do The Lollipop-Tweenies
13. Jumping For Fun-Teletubbies
14. Those Scurvy Rascals Theme-Those Scurvy Rascals
15. We Are Fimbles, How D'you Do?-Fimbles
16. Friends To The End-Finley The Fire Engine
17. Hana's Helpline Theme Tune-Hana's Helpline
18. The Magic Roundabout Theme-The Magic Roundabout
19. Let's Get Busy-Bob the Builder
20. Fun Song Factory Theme-Fun Song Factory
Disc Three
1. We Love To Salsa-Fifi and the Flowertots
2. On Bobby's Buses-Me Too!
3. It's Fun To Fimble-Fimbles
4. Let's Play Together-Little Tikes
5. Boom Boom-Basil Brush
6. Carrie & David's Popshop Theme-Carrie & David's Popshop
7. Let's Parade-Noddy
8. Big Cook Little Cook Theme-Big Cook Little Cook
9. Get Squiggling Theme-Get Squiggling
10. Motown Mix-Boogie Beebies
11. We Can Do It-Bratz Babyz
12. Where's Willy?-Muffin The Mule
13. Greendale Anthem-Postman Pat
14. Bill and Ben Theme-Bill and Ben
15. Pablo The Little Red Fox Theme-Pablo The Little Red Fox
16. Vampires Pirates and Aliens Theme-Vampires Pirates and Aliens
17. Cheer You Up-Balamory
18. SpongeBob Squarepants Theme-SpongeBob Squarepants
19. Popcorn-Crazy Frog
20. Say Eh Oh-Teletubbies 2007 Remix
Disc Four
1. My Time Too (Granny Murray)-Me Too!
2. Bananas-Tweenies
3. Do The Fimble Dance-Fimbles
4. The Wonder Pets Theme-The Wonder Pets!
5. Jump A Little Higher-Balamory
6. Reggae Mix-Boogie Beebies
7. Bobs Line Dance-Bob the Builder
8. Tommy Zoom 2007 Extended Theme-Tommy Zoom
9. The Rhythm Of The Music-Fun Song Factory
10. Bird Bath Opening / End Titles Medley-Bird Bath
11. The Hydronauts Theme Tune-The Hydronauts
12. Clouds-Teletubbies
13. Ethelbert The Tiger Theme Tune-Ethelbert The Tiger
14. Skunk Fu!-Skunk Fu!
15. When You Least Expect It-Little Tikes
16. Beep Beep Tree Song-The Beeps
17. Watch My Chops Theme Tune-Watch My Chops
18. The Noddy Nod-Noddy
19. Axel F-Crazy Frog
20. Auld Lang Syne Remix-Space Pirates
1. Hey Baby
2. The Ketchup Song (Asereje)
3. Cha Cha Slide
4. Barbie Girl
5. Fast Food Song
6. Breaking Free
7. Reach
8. Tragedy
9. I Wanna Be Like You
10. One Step Closer
11. Hakuna Matata
12. All About You
13. Under The Sea
14. Who Let The Dogs Out
15. The Bare Necessities
16. Witch Doctor
17. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
18. Mambo No. 5
19. The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers
20. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
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O great now i dont have to have the telly on to have my eardrums battered by inane supposed music! The joys of parenthood i suppose! :roll:My only criticism is why do they have to put Barbie Girl in there???:cry: Otherwise a great price for keeping the kids humming on a long journey, or at a party, (i have an MP3 now;-))
Hot price/
Thanks got it for my LO she will love it....me maybe not..!!!!!!!!!!!!!
got this for my daughters when woolies closed down...... they cannot get enough of it
Oh dear...hope my 2 don't get wind of this!

Oh dear...hope my 2 don't get wind of this!

Its better than the sound of wind, sometimes!
Great Deal, thanks for the tip, my two boys will love it.
Cheers, just need to find her some headphones that she will keep on now!
don't forget Quidco
thanks. must be a sucker for punishment but have ordered a copy.
Great..............Thats another bargain for Santa's Sack! :-D
great deal thanks!
great find!!! just ordered one for my childminding kids & my own kids to dance away too until the end of the school hols whey!!! thanks
£6.99 when I add it to my basket & go to checkout

£6.99 when I add it to my basket & go to checkout

I missed out on it too! :x But I have just seen it for £3.95 at Zavvi now!
its back in stock now
I can't think of anything worse. Would rather listen to the dentist's drill. Ordered.
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