100 pack Philips CD-R £16.99 inc Delivery (only 32 available)

100 pack Philips CD-R £16.99 inc Delivery (only 32 available)

Found 6th Oct 2006
100 pack cake box of branded Philips CD-R.
Write speed up to 48x. 700MB /80Mins.

Certain items (this one included) give your whole order free delivery with Bigpockets, so it's worth having a look around at other media or stuff you might want.

EG: 100 x Tuff Disc DVD-R. 8x speed 120Min / 4.7Gb - £11.99. With out free delivery an extra £5.75

It's strange how blank DVD's are cheaper than CD's now eh?


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If the 32 run out and aren't restocked soon there are other even cheaper 100 packs there like Memorex 52x speed at £12.99 (not with free delivery though)

I added a pic there, thanks AMP

This is not cheap, I pay £10 tops for 100 cds and 52x ones.
They are a good make and white topped (plain), the make is Infiniti.
Go to your local computer market, theres alot more bargains there and not just computer things.
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