100 page Hard Back Photobook @ Truprint courtesy of Wowcher £15

100 page Hard Back Photobook @ Truprint courtesy of Wowcher £15

Found 27th Nov 2016
About this time every year I put together a photobook of all of our family memories for the year. Normally I get a good deal from one of the main retailers however this year for some reason I am struggling to get a decent discount from photobox, albelli, snapfish etc. There are offers on Groupon but these companies printerpix, photobookuk etc. seem to get really poor reviews.

However, luckily I've come across this one with Truprint which is only £15 for a 100 page book when you buy from wowcher. Truprint get really good reviews and I think are owned by Snapfish (or vice versa, not entirely sure). Truprint don't have the greatest software to design and edit your book together, but nevertheless I hope somebody finds this useful if you put an annual book together like me and it is a good price. I don't think this is the same as previous offers posted on here as they were for soft covers, this is hard covers.

Merry Christmas!
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lovely thanks porl
Heat added, but unfortunately the expiry date is too early for me. Always make the book in the New Year so the festive pics can be included.
Yes, well spotted, I hadn't seen that! You need to create your book by December 8th.
can you log in on an account already created?. I've already createdt book, just waiting to order. will that work?
*Plus £4 postage not mentioned. So its £19
This seems like a bargain but I have no clue how to get a 100 page book as when I try to autofill the pages it lets me have 72 or 136 pages and nothing in between.

Has anyone done one and if so how please?
can you log onto an account already crested?
I'm getting 'code is not valid' when I try to order. Anyone else?

I'm getting 'code is not valid' when I try to order. Anyone else?

Make sure your book is exactly 100 pages long. The deal is back on again for a couple of days with an expiry date of January 11th. Hope this helps somebody.

£15 photobook

You can get a 106 page book too but the company (Smiley Hippo) doesn't seem to get such good reviews.

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can the book be portrait rather than landscape?
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