100 Sleeve CD Organiser £1.00 @ Poundland

100 Sleeve CD Organiser £1.00 @ Poundland

Found 29th Dec 2010
Great to keep your CD's tidy and compact, this CD organiser is just £1 from Poundland!
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Hope you like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Got some here BUT you will not get 100 cds/dvds in this without it shutting and mucking up your disks.
Yep these get well tight at 50, at 75 your looking close to snapping a disk., no way can they fit 100
These things just baffle me. Why not put less pockets in the thing or increase the outer material just slightly?

Are these deliberately made badly and sold to Poundland on the cheap as a "goldilocks pricing" tactic?
Yep agree with all the comments above. I gave up after 20 discs when the pastic holding material just kept ripping.
I brought one of them and there rubbish cd/DVDs don't fit in the rubbish plastic sleeves better off paying abit more for a better one
I just bought a double height cd wallet like this for storing my ps3 and wii games and instruction books in to save space. I saw this in my local poundland but decided to buy mine instead from tesco for £6 because quality of materials, stitching and cd pouches is far superior. Voted cold for build quality. Great price though if you have a load of old discs you're not too bothered about.
Got one as well - the plastic sleeves keep ripping - they are rubbish
Seemed like a good deal until i read all the above comments.
Looks like i'll be sticking with the Datawrite equivalents.
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