1000 Free Colouring Pages @ Crayola.com
1000 Free Colouring Pages @ Crayola.com

1000 Free Colouring Pages @ Crayola.com

Just spotted that there are over 1000 free colouring-in pages which you can print out from Crayola.com, and give to your kids to colour.

They say:

"Crayola.com has over 1,000 free coloring pages for you to pick from. New coloring pages are being added every month! "

They are arranged by category, so if our little one is obsessed by animals, disney characters, or cars and trucks, you can tailor the print outs just for them!


heat added! you might want to change the spelling mistake in the title too! Good deal! :thumbsup:

That is really good, and I like the way you can search for certain pictures. Heat added.

also good that the kids can colour in online

heat added

Great find, Thanks

DLTK are also really good for resources.

You can get some good ones to print on the ceebeebies website too



I use this site a lot:


It has lots of character pages.

My girls love the online colouring on the Craylola site though.

Many thanks

H&R added

This is good...should stop the kids from dismantling the house during their holidays.

Many thanks

thankyou, my little one will thrilled as she loves colouring :thumbsup:

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