£10.00 off £30 spend @ eBay Account specific

£10.00 off £30 spend @ eBay Account specific

Found 3rd Apr
Got an email from ebay .
So logged on my account NOT via the link in email.
There is a discount voucher for £10 off a £30 spend as long as I pay via paypal.
shows when I click on my ebay summery at top of page.
Use by 9th April no restrictions on where you spend .
If you haven`t been on any of your account lately worth taking a look see if you got one.
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Get out.
Get out.
I had this appear once a couple of months ago, had no idea where it came from though
@MadMaxx thanks for sharing. Hopefully others may have received this also. No restrictions too even better
Had this on my account used it last night just 5 minutes before it was due to expire
Not on my account oh well....
Hot for me
I like these even if account specific
Makes people look in their accounts
Nada for me. But thanks for posting.
Thanks for posting you lucky pup......

No discount for me:

But I appreciate the heads up, made me check anyway
I didnt receive anything as well
Link not working for me!.. SO, can't find the offer on site!..
I had £20 off £40 spend and used it to buy a ps4 controller and doom from Argos eBay.
thanks +
Link just goes to the homepage
Showing in my account...thanks OP!
D'oh, not in mine (never is) and not in my dad's account (curses... it usually is... lucky duck) - but cheers for the heads up!
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