10,000 BC DVD only £5 delivered @ Tesco Jersey!
10,000 BC DVD only £5 delivered @ Tesco Jersey!

10,000 BC DVD only £5 delivered @ Tesco Jersey!

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Very cheap for a recent release, VERY mixed reviews on this one!

From Roland Emmerich, Director of Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow, comes an awesome new action movie where one man must battle pre-historic predators and fearsome sabre tooth tigers in a bid to survive and win back his tribe`s freedom.

This incredible special-effects spectacle follows the journey of D`Leh (Steven Strait), our hero, who must cross un-chartered territory, form an army and discover an advanced lost civilisation before he can fight for his people`s freedom to become the champion of time when legend began.


average film. But for a new release great price!!

Great price.:)

Awful film..I fell asleep half way through. Great price though for a new release.

Great bargain, I still wouldn't buy it.

mini review:
Beastmaster+Conan+Stargate+Braveheart = 10000BC

on their own those films are great, but mix them up and its a terrible mess
(like ice cream and curry)

the best thing you can say about this film is that it could be more terrible.

this one will be populating every dvd sale everywhere for years to come, probably in the sub-3 quid region.

xmas is cominghttp://photo-shack.com/img/f770b62bc8f42a0b66751fe636fc6eb0.gif


xmas is coming

Aww, do you hate anyone that badly?? :whistling:

Keep your expectations low and you'll enjoy it. Actually, no you won't.


horrible film even at this price

This film is about Egyptians using big, hair mammoths (which had died out millennia previously) in the desert... it's totally, utterly, nuts.

Sockingly bad film - Worse deal of my life was paying for me and the wife to see it in a cinema! Should of taken the mistress!!
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