10,000 Free Accounts on SpinVox.com

10,000 Free Accounts on SpinVox.com

Found 11th Nov 2007
SpinVox is a voice recognition system for your mobile phone that converts your speech to text and then sends the text to your blog, email account or mobile phone.

10,000 FREE accounts are available (normal cost £5)

This offer EXCLUDES the VOICEMAIL to text message option, so do not tick that option when you sign up, or you will be charged £5 on your mobile phone bill!


Have you used this service before??

I read an article about a girl starting up a similar service (not sure if it the same one). Seems like a pink and fluffy service which will serve a limited user base.

Also I suspect the 10k free accounts is probably an unofficial beta, pretty much in the same way Microsoft release a product (for usser testing) and then bring out SP1 to fix all the nasties.

Also, like voice recognition software of old, I assume they need a whole load more (ontop of the current 4 year worth of data) messages which they can be analysed and root any problems with. Wonder how it would cope with a treacle like Glasgow accent?
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