10,000 Free Megabus Tickets @ megabus

10,000 Free Megabus Tickets @ megabus

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Cheap coach company Megabus is offering 10,000 free tickets on any of its routes starting and finishing in England and Wales, for travel between 1 Feb and 3 April 2011 (excluding 14 to 20 Feb inclusive), Mondays to Thursday. Plus you'll need to pay a 50p booking fee per transaction, though not per ticket.
Free seats are not available when booking less than seven days in advance

How to find the free seats

While 10,000 sounds a lot, they can still take some finding and it's mostly a case of trial and error. Plus they’re likely to run out very quickly after all the readers of the weekly email go for it.

Step 1: Go to Megabus* and search for the route you want to travel.

Step 2: Remember it is ONLY Mon-Thur and 1 Feb to 3 April tickets that are free (excluding 14 to 20 Feb inclusive).

Step 3: Any available tickets will say FREE.


Cold to me as they've missed out Scotland!

Sorry, the site is currently undergoing maintenance

I have looked for tickets at the end of February (21 and 25) and they are not free

50p booking fee !!!


50p booking fee !!!

then it's not free

Is this only on the bus routes? I can't find any to Southampton (all trains).

wow you can get some damn cheap train tickets here!

not really free (50p) but thats fine.... if the website is not crashing

'Sorry, the site is currently undergoing maintenance' (_;)
Good deal though!
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i know someone who uses these busses and he goes approx 15 times a year from scunthorpe to london return for just £2.50 including booking fee. i have also looked on here to go to london myself and have managed to do it for £6 return. it all depends when you want to go and what is avaliable at the time.

it's up and running now and i have gone through all the dates from a week onwards and there is no free tickets from scunthorpe to london, all £5 or so each, so good luck to those who manage to get some.


Cold to me as they've missed out Scotland!

You folks up there are really twisted.

Some tickets are showing to be £0.00 but they're not on the dates I wanted

So stupid of the site to not list what is still available as free...i have to keep searching for vaious mix and matches and get unrealistic free options. Cold from me.

amazing just booked loads for grand total of 50p - just keep adding to basket!

it states Glasgow to London £2 £3 and £4 pounds its in a banner that comes up at the top of the page


amazing just booked loads for grand total of 50p - just keep adding to … amazing just booked loads for grand total of 50p - just keep adding to basket!

You going to use them or are you getting them "just in case" you decide to go somewhere?

though i didn find any free tickets, but i managed to buy some for edinburgh....
i must say that it is a very nice marketing strategy lol

lots of free tickets, heat added

Thankyou.. i just booked a return journey from london to cardiff for £2.50 for me and the misses (so £1.25 each)


Thanks for posting

Cheers for the post. Good at a pound a route, so free is a bargain.

Out of interest, I just tried Rugby to Manchester for 4 people on the 1st Feb & it said the journey time is 28hrs and 15 mins. Thats a hell of a journey, especially when 2 would be kids! If you take it 4hrs 10 mins later though its only 3hrs 30 mins.

can someone please tell me when and where are the free tickets available to ...
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