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Posted 15 September 2023

10000mAh Mi Power Bank 3 Ultra Compact Black (Auto Discount At Checkout)

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I was looking for a power bank but did not want to buy a unknown brand. msrp is 29.90. it is 50% and there is also a 10% coupon available to apply.. My first post. Hope you enjoy!

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10000 mAh high capacity,
enough to fully charge your smartphone three times*Able to provide three full charges for the new iPhone SE2 using a high-quality lithium ion polymer battery.

Redmi K30

Mi 10

Mi 10 Pro

iPhone SE2

22.5 W high output
Reduces charging time by 54%The USB-A and USB-C ports support 22.5 W single-port MAX output, providing fast charging for smart devices. Together with the Mi Type-C to Lightning Cable (1m)*, charging time for the iPhone 11 is reduced by approximately 54% when compared to the standard Apple 5 W charger.
Charging for iPhone 11
10000mAh Mi Power Bank 3 Ultra Compact

Able to charge three devices simultaneously
Compatible with smartphones, tablets and the SwitchIn addition to the two USB-A output ports, there is also a USB-C output port.
The three ports can be used simultaneously to charge three devices at once.

USB-C two-way fast charging
Faster power bank charging
experienceFeatures two high-power input ports: USB-C and
Micro-USB. The USB-C port supports two-way fast
charging and has 22.5 W MAX input capability, greatly
reducing the time needed to charge the power bank.

High-quality IC chips
For safer, everyday useEmploys high-precision capacitance and inductance sensors, plus advanced circuit chips to effectively upgrade the conversion rate and stabilise the discharging voltage, while simultaneously offering multi-protection for circuits. Guaranteed everyday power supply for users.

4201401_1.jpgTemperature protection
4201401_1.jpgShort circuit protection
4201401_1.jpgReset protection
4201401_1.jpgInput overvoltage
4201401_1.jpgInput overcurrent
4201401_1.jpgOutput overcurrent
4201401_1.jpgOutput overvoltage
4201401_1.jpgOvercharge and
4201401_1.jpgHardware-level overvoltage
short circuit protection

Eco-friendly casing*
PC + ABS casing for peace of mind

Hidden keys
Ingeniously designed with one-piece moulding

LED indicator
Check your battery level at a glance
Xiaomi More details at

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  1. FiF_T's avatar
    It would be a good price if they didn't add £5 delivery
    thales_l's avatar
    I agree with you. But, because of the good reviews, I was considering paying the full price. I tought more people might be on the same boat. Cheers
  2. broke_with_expensivetaste's avatar
    Great, thanks for posting
  3. Adam's avatar
    Hi , thank you for taking your time to share your find as your first deal post to the community , What a find to have shared too, its currently at 255 heat with your deal still going strong. If you ever happen to need any help while online you are more than welcome to tag me by @adam or by dropping me or the team a message .
    thales_l's avatar
    Hey @adam, thanks for the feedback! I just received mine and I think it was a great deal.
  4. nomad_street's avatar
    Sorry, meant to add heat!!! 🏼
  5. wackybeaver's avatar
    Thanks for the post OP. The delivery should be included in the cost unfortunately unless there is a code or something lying around. I’m so tempted to buy one…
    thales_l's avatar
    Mine arrived yesterday and, even at +- 19 pounds, it felt like a good deal.
  6. cristiandan's avatar
    Can I use this to charge a MacBook Air ?
    abeuk's avatar
    Would probably do half a charge if it's m1 or above
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