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1000's of DVD's/Blu-Ray's 2 for £1.78 delivered Inc The Dark Knight / Woman in Black / Some Disney Movies / Inception @ MusicMagpie / eBay

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Some great titles so good deal this, less than 90p for 1 and free delivery! All the DVD'S/Blu-ray that are part of this should be on the deal link. It's buy one get one free, so only ones which cost £1.79 will be £1.79 total for two.

A widowed lawyer travels to a secluded village on an important assignment, and encounters a vengeful ghost with mysterious motives. After losing his beloved wife, Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe) was nearly consumed by grief. When an important client of Arthur's dies, he pulls himself out of mourning to settle the man's affairs. But in this town, everyone has a secret. Something horrible once happened here, and it seems that the locals are determined to ensure Arthur never finds out what it was. Now the more time Arthur spends in his client's crumbling estate, the more aware he becomes of a presence that isn't quite human. In this house dwells a woman's ghost. In life she lost something precious, and now in death she'll do whatever it takes to get it back. Until she does, anyone who dares enter this house is doomed.
Hope it helps someone
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    I've received numerous damaged discs from them in the last year. Quality control is non- existent.
    I've ordered from them a few times, and they were good, one was brand new when advertised "good"
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    No new ones unfortunately - don't like the idea of 2nd-hand ones, when someone has had their grubby little mitts on them.
    Hope you don't use any public transport/gym equipment/supermarket trolleys
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    FYI - Only 161 are Blu-Ray
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    My Blu-Ray collection is now threatening to compete with my Steam gaming Pile of Shame.
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    Never thought I'd see Blu Rays go so cheap. Superior image to streaming plus you OWN your movie. (edited)
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    I find buying from them is hit and miss. Selling to them you get pittance. However, in saying that bluray values all seem to be very low anyway, so this deal could appeal to people who are looking to add to their collection.
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    I like Music Magpie... Best second hand retailer... By far.
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    I've never had any issues with MusicMagpie blu-rays bought at least 20.
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    Amazing how quickly we've become a society of online media & have ditched the physical stuff. A local charity shop sells DVDs 20 for a quid, some good titles too.
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    Thanks for posting this I picked up the first two Hobbit films for the collection for £1.79
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    50/50 whether it'll be scratched and skip on playback.
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    As some note, I've bought loads from them and never had a problem, all great quality.
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    never had any issue with MusicMagpie , great deal though!
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    Thanks for this
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    Thanks OP. 18 kids DVDs for £13.75, as music magpie are also in the 15% off over £15 offer.
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    Physical media is on life support
    There will always be a market for physical media, even if it basically has to die before a resurgence.

    Just look at vinyl...
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    Is it a problem that I HAVE The Dark Knight collection already on Blu-ray and DONT CURRENTLY HAVE A BLU-RAY player AND a 4K digital download of Inception but still considering to buy them?!?!?
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    The problem with these for me is that a lot of them are the same titles that Poundland used to sell for a quid, so I already have them. I am missing dark Knight rises but struggling to find a 2nd film (edited)
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    Usually o would be all over this. However I still have a small box from last time. Just never get around to getting Blu-Ray out anymore. Just end up streaming stuff or Netflix.
    Shame really. However tempted to stockpile a some cartoons for little one or of I ever get around to a hit of a cinema room :/
    .....Nope....don't think I can convince myself!
    Ha ha, what a turncoat I am.
    Couldn't resist.
    Now I have a dusty Blueray Collection to go with my DVD, Steam, Epic and Humble Bundles of never-going-to-play-or-use-but-was-cheap-so-what-the-heck-shelf collection
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    its always worth comparing their price to that of your local CEX if they have it in stock - often if you can click & collect from CEX it will be cheaper

    you have the travel cost of course but if you are going into town anyway then its worth it

    also sometimes the price can be cheaper on musicmagpies own website so thats worth checking

    I only started buying blu rays when I got a 4k tv due to the superior picture & sound quality compared to streaming (edited)
    Can you tell a big difference?
    Recently got an LG OLED and been happy with streams. A friend gave me his old Xbox S that has built in blu-ray player, so thought I'd give it a try.
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    I had one instance with Musicmagpie where they sent me out the DVD not Bluray after complaining they continued to send out the dvd 3 times! I gave up and cancelled the order in the end.