1000w Lawnmower £34.99 at ALDI from 18th March

1000w Lawnmower £34.99 at ALDI from 18th March

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LocalFound 11th Mar 2010
1000w Lawnmower £34.99 at ALDI from 18th March with free 3 years warranty.
-3 adjustable cutting heights
- 28 litre capacity detachable grass collection box
- 30 cm cutting width
- Folding handle for easy storage

still awaiting a photo.
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Any one actually know what these are like? cant find any reviews. Seems a good deal but not if its hardly fit for purpose.
Last year, Aldi were selling a combined mower/strimmer set for £69.99 (see link below)....


Last October I managed to pick one of these up in the 'reduced items' section for just £29.99!!!

I expected this to be rubbish but I have been very pleased with just how good this piece if kit is. It feels very well put together. The power cord is robust and the mower cuts like a dream. We had a Flymo hover that we used regularly but despite getting the blade sharpened, it never seemed to produce much by way of grass cuttings. The first time I used the Aldi mower, it produced enough stuff to fill a one cubic metre garden waste bag!

If you have a very mossy garden like us, you will like the fact that this mower seems to suck the moss out of the lawn. I think it must produce some kind of vacuum inside the body or the mower (?). We have a hornbeam that drops a lot of berries of the lawn and it sucks these up too.

One last thing is that this type of mover isn't so great for corners & edges. The front wheels tend to dip and you end up 'scalping' the edge.

All in all I would strongly recommend this Aldi mower.
Bought one yesterday. The grass was very long as my old petrol mower had broken and I just hadn't got round to buying a new one. This mower did the job just fine. Now that the grass is short again, this mower will easily cope going forward. The other thing is that it's very light so it makes the whole palaver of mowing the lawn very easy. I can actually me see keeping on top of the mowing with this machine whereas I hated doing it with the petrol mower as it was so heavy and cumbersome to move and getting it going could be difficult so I used to put it off for as long as possible. With this one, I'm sure I could be done both front and back in 20-30 mins.

There's a bit of self-assembly involved but very easy to put together and I mean VERY easy - it would have to be for me.
How do you adjust the height on this mower?
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