100g Alta Rica Decaff £3 @ Sainsbury's

100g Alta Rica Decaff £3 @ Sainsbury's

Found 6th May 2011
The Nescafe collection range are all £3 and even includes decaff which is £4.15 at ASDA, Tesco


Why the cold votes? put link on to cheaper deal if you know of one. perhaps even leave a comment expressing why you've voted cold.

200g I assume? Think 1.39/100g is the cheapest Nescafe decaff I've ever seen. Can't say no to that when they didn't have 200g own brand in stock.

The best instant coffee I have tried, a mighty fine reson to take coffee black with no sugar ..take some heat !

Think it is 100g
Edited by: "roister" 6th May 2011

These usually go for £2 when they are on offer in Asda. A deal at this proce but not a great one.
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