100g Nescafe Alta Rica & Cap Colombie £2.50 @ Sainsbury's

100g Nescafe Alta Rica & Cap Colombie £2.50 @ Sainsbury's

Found 14th Dec 2016
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Great, need some more coffee & was going to get the Alta rica from Poundstretcher who are next cheapest at £2.69
thanks OP - will pick some up tomorrow
Thanks alta rica is my favourite coffee.
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Thanks OP

This is as low as it ever goes.

Unless you're lucky enough to stroll into your local co-op just as they're putting it on RTC down to £1.50...
cap columbie is rather good for instant coffee, hot!
Blend 37 is my fave instant. But I'm now very much a coffee snob and only drink coffee/espresso from freshly roasted and ground premium beans
Carte noire classic, and azera americano are ones I recently enjoyed and thought they were very good.

I want to try this alta Rica at this very good price. Has anyone tried all three?
Alta Rica great coffee, hot hot hot
Good price, got a price alert about this on Monday. Also on offer at Tesco at the same price.

When it's not on offer elsewhere it's on a fixed price of £2.69 at poundstretcher.
Alta Rica arabica is the best instant coffee out there
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