100g Nescafe Collection range £2 @ ASDA
100g Nescafe Collection range £2 @ ASDA

100g Nescafe Collection range £2 @ ASDA

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Alta Rica Intense, Cap Colombie, Suraya, Espresso

Comparison - £3.69 or 2 for £5.50 at Tesco, Sainsbury's

Alta Rica Decaff not included in the offer but is £3.05 at Tesco or 2 for £5.50 at Sainsbury's


that's reminded me, i got a jar of Cap Colombie last month that tastes off that i have to do something about
(i know that's not really possible what with coffee being freeze dried, but seriously, everyone i tried it on has spat it out and thought i'd deliberately poisoned them for lols)

have to get some Espresso for the missus too

Only recently tried the Alta Rica, and it was lovely. Went to buy some and it was too expensive! This is well worth it thought - thanks, heat!

Great spot and thanks for the post. Prompted me to pop out to get a few jars of my favourite coffee (alta rica) as I ran out today. Came back with 10 jars. Don't worry, still plenty left on the shelf...


Have to agree that the Alta Rica Intense coffee is really nice, excellent deal for £2

used to love alta rica, but cap columbie is the best

gonna stock up on a few jars today

good post heat added

It is on offer at Morrisons but I forget by how much (it's certainly not this cheap).

Have heard only good things about the Alta Rica, so will give it a try at this price


My local Tesco have removed all of these from the shelves since the Tesco PriceCheck (double the difference back) came out. If you bought each jar individually from Tesco for £3.69 a jar the double the difference back would come out at £3.38 meaning each jar would only cost you 31p
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right got my four jars today and have entered my details on the site, will wait and see now what comes back .

Should come back how I said - Tesco Price Comparison shows this


Instant coffee, ok if camping or during a war I suppose.

got my price comparison back 3 jars put through on individual recipt came back with price promise voucher one i placed on shopping with rest of stuff came back as my overall shop was cheaper at tesco, phoned up to ask why the coffee was more in tesco than Asda and C?S tried to fob me off that the price maybe changed from day i bought to following day ! i pointed out i purchased it yesterday and did price check same day and it was still £2.00 on day of results, he is forwarding my double the difference via gift card!

Tip then if buying do on own receipt for the one item only.
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