100G Wonka Bars £1.00! At Tesco instore

100G Wonka Bars £1.00! At Tesco instore

LocalFound 24th Oct 2013
Was in Tesco in Birmingham, I bought two bars of 100g Wonka chocolate , advertised at £1.51 but it scanned at £1, not sure if its a glitch or national error, give it a try If u like chocolate
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what kind of tesco was it express
superstore metro
Nice. Same price in asda. Delicious
Same price online if that helps anyone
Is there a golden ticket in it?
Morrisons also £1
So not a deal then if its the same price in other places

100g for £1 is expensive, is it not, is this special?
You can get a 4 pack of Dairy Milk at Asda for £1. Nearly 60gr more choc for same price. Are Wonka bars any better?
Misleading image. Cold.

also £1 at morrisons

100g for £1 is expensive, is it not, is this special?

Yes, you can win a Chocolate Factory (_;)

So not a deal then if its the same price in other placesCold

Cannot stand comments like this, especially from people who have been members for years and years and have never ever posted a deal themselves.
Perhaps someone may have a Tesco close to them with an Asda 50 miles away? Of course it is a deal. Heat added

Yes, you can win a Chocolate Factory (_;)

How realistic!!!... not.

Heres proof
Not the proper Wonka Bars, these are the new type which are nowhere near as good sorry!
Does anybody remember back in 2005 when the remake came out? A form of Wonka bars were being sold and they were delicious. Wonder if these are just as nice.
still £1 is expensive! should be 70p then
Wonka chocolate is not very nice. Way to sweet and not very chocolatey. In my opinion, of course.
Hope you bought some of those yellow stickered cakes next to the Wonka bars!
I think its nice its different to other chocolate bars available at the moment
Terrible taste. Its like cheap advent calendar chocolate
We were going to have these at our kids birthday party but instead opted for a more expensive ( and personalised type) although, at the time the wonka bars were £2 each. - we bought our personalised ones from www.thewonkyfactory.com

I thought the wonka chocolate in this deal was really 'powdery', if thats the right word. Whereas the 'wonky' chocolate was lovely (and cheaper at the time... Not with this deal though!)

Heat added for the deal as its a nice novelty at a good price - but better chocolate out there for the price #buyabiggalaxy
galaxy nut caramel so much better for a pound when on offer or cookie crumble at Tesco for a pound
its made by Hersheys boke!
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