100ml - Nicki Minaj / Kim K eau de parfum's £16.99 @ B&M

100ml - Nicki Minaj / Kim K eau de parfum's £16.99 @ B&M

Found 24th Nov 2016
Picked up both Pink Print and Pink Friday (100ml's), they weren't labelled so I asked for a price check.

Found in the locked Glass Cabinet where you get a member of staff to unlock it, and they scanned at £16.99!

Found at the Fareham store, assuming its a national deal

Kim K 100ml £16.99 also. Few xmas presents sorted


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Original Poster

Why so cold? I know its Nicki Minaj but the prices are decent

The pink Friday is 9.99 now I got earlier as Birthday prezzie from my mate

Not pink Friday it the pink print sorry my error it smells so nice too

The Kim's on at 9.99 now too I got that three week ago and it's still on
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