101 in 1 gameutilities - 10 games & 91 utilities a 4* app is FREE on iTunes for 1 day only for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

101 in 1 gameutilities - 10 games & 91 utilities a 4* app is FREE on iTunes for 1 day only for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

Found 14th Jan 2011
This excellent 4* app is currently FREE on iTunes. This is a must-have app if you want a huge selection of utilities (some of them are useless mind but others are very much needed) and a few ok'ish games! Main reason to download this is its FREE and gets regularly updated with new utilities & games! And has a number of excellent apps within the main app itself


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Here's the info on it ...


*** In collaboration with freeappcalendar.com, 101 in 1 GameUtilities - 10 Games & 91 Utilities is the Featured FREE App of the Day for January 14, 2011! ***

Be sure to check out our other games and apps!

* GameUtilities Was Recently Updated and More Games & Utilities Coming Soon - Get This Free Update While You Can!

What Users Are Saying About The App:

"I love this app, it has everything plus things I've never seen before"

"I love this app i can use it for mostly anything to the amount of money for a tip to keeping count of a score!"

"Neat apps for all kinds stuff. Nice job!"

"One of the best apps ever!!!"

"This app is soo helpful", "This app is amazing

"Awesome. Just Awesome!"


** More Games & Utilities Coming Soon - Download Now And Get Future Updates Free **

✓10 Games:

1) Balloon Blaster
2) Soccer Champ
3) Air Traffic Dash
4) Alpha Catcher
5) Sonic Square Touch
6) iTankster (Addictive Tank Game)
7) Hungry Animals (Feed Animals Game)
8 ) Catch A Thief (Memory Game)
9) StarSpot - (Memory Game)
10) Virus Killer

✓91 - Utilities:

1) Tip Calculator
2) Flashlight
3) Security Alarm
4) Desk Bell
5) Leveler
6) Bavoo.com - Find New Apps
7) US Holidays
8 ) Speed & Temperature Converter
9) Scare Kids
10) Count Down
11) Measuring Tape
12) Age Birthday Finder
13) Task Timer
14) Tap Counter
15) Beep
16) Image Protector
17) Spell Check
18) Angle Finder
19) Siren
20) Candle Light
21) Strobe
22) Battery Life
23) Fake SMS
24) Fake Miss Call
25) Fake Call
26) G News
27) G Reader
28) G Chat
29) G Calendar
30) G Email
31) G Books
32) G Docs
33) G Buzz
34) Y Mobile
35) Currency Converter
36) Sales Tax Calculator
37) Car Loan Calculator
38) Mortgage Calculator
39) Margin Calculator
40) Amortize Calculator
41) Sale Saving
42) Coin flipper
43) Dice Roll
44) Drums
45) Guitar Tuner
46) Sleep Well
47) BMI
48) Buzzer
49) Emergency 911 Mirror
50) Password Generator
51) Score Counter
52) BMR
53) Geo IP Locator
54) My IP Finder
55) Pop Bubbles
56) Random Word Generator
57) Random Number Generator
58) Rank Generate
59) Area code Find
60) Pet Age Calculator
61) USA Presidents Info
62) International Dialing Code Finder
63) Moon Info
64) Zip Code Find
65) CheapDeals101
66) 1888PressRelease
67) Sleep Box
68) Water Fall
69) Laughing Sound
70) Love Meter
71) Reaction Time
72) System Info
73) Translator
74) Heat Index Calculator
75) Leap Year
76) Days Counter
77) Name Masher
78) Periodic Table
79) Black Friday Deals 2010
80) Christmas Deals 2010
81) Plumb Bob
82) (NEW) Type n Go
83) (NEW) Auto Camera
84) (NEW) Night Vision
85) (NEW) Massager
86) (NEW) Metronome
87) (NEW) Water Intake
88) (NEW) Glow Paint
89) (NEW) iG Custom
90) (NEW) G Latitude
91) (NEW) G Tasks

NOTE: Some of the apps require internet access in order to retrieve information.
Please Support Us By Doing Any Of The Following:
1) Submitting a 5 Star review
2) Telling friends & family
3) Emailing us Or including bugs & suggestions within the 5 star review
4) Purchasing an in-app power, if you like the game
What's New in Version 2.0

1) Type n Go
2) Auto Camera
3) Night Vision
4) Massager
5) Metronome
6) Water Intake
7) Glow Paint
8 ) iG Custom
9) G Latitude
10) G Tasks

1) Alpha Catcher
- Added Quit button in resume screen

2) Sale Count
- Fixed rare calculation bug

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And the pics:


Well worth the money even when it was its standard price

Downloading cause it's free... doubt i'll use it... looks pretty tacky + having to scroll through 91 utilities to find the one you want could be a bit of a **** take...

will report back

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Downloading cause it's free... doubt i'll use it... looks pretty tacky + … Downloading cause it's free... doubt i'll use it... looks pretty tacky + having to scroll through 91 utilities to find the one you want could be a bit of a **** take...will report back

I've used it and to be honest if you need a spirit level, loan calculator or a currency converter etc... then its the ideal app for you. Personally a lot of it you could do within excel. But this makes it easier. I too dislike scrolling thro' all the diff utilities. They don't (or last time I used it) file similar apps into 1 folder (say all loan stuff in loans) they are all over the place. Not sure if the latest update has corrected this.

The apps themselves within this are basic. But they do the job well. I have used the loan/mtge calculator before. Some of these apps or similar actually sell for 59p each!!!

This in my view even for 59p - if you need those sorts of apps - is very useful. Hope you agree Kenny?

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But can anyone really complain when its FREE?

Sorry I forgot I'm posting this on HUKD so yes they can

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The other iTunes sale post ...

hotukdeals.com/dea…617 post 91 has apps still on sale - will be amending this w/e hopefully
hotukdeals.com/fre…347 now 59p

Also don't forget the other apps for FREE currently ...

hotukdeals.com/fre…993 - this is the FIRST 1st time this app has ever been FREE and its 700mb+ in size one of the best point/click adventures on the iphone!

Thanks! I have this on my iPhone and have done so for ages. Would not remove it as there are probably about 15-20 apps I must have that I use all the time on this app

I got it before it was free so not happy that its free now. For me it's really really useful

The games aren't brilliant very old style but it's the utility apps I needed in this

Heat added

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iDos is out on iPhone fully working

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