106 albums at under £2 each with free delivery from Sendit.com

106 albums at under £2 each with free delivery from Sendit.com

Found 25th Jan 2011
Some of these prices are part of their 24 hour sale which started today so it's worth having a look through them.

Prices are from £1.69 to £1.99 and delivery is free on all orders.


Have you seen the album selection? Crikey! There's albums by Ant & Dec and Billie Piper, which prove they should stick to what they are good at...acting! Cold, cold, cold :-(

Good luck if anyone finds any gems.

Some gems such as Feeder - Pushing the Senses?


Just because you couldn't find any, doesn't mean it's a cold deal. Hot from me!

There are some decent CD's amongst the 106.

Paul Weller: As Is Now (Brits Special Edition) (2CD) - £1.99
Badly Drawn Boy: Hour of Bewilderbeast - £1.99
Badly Drawn Boy: About a Boy - £1.99
Orson: Bright Idea - £1.99
James Brown: The Essential Collection (2CD) - £1.89

Don't forget 2.5% Quidco too.

OMG Embrace - This New Day WHAT AN ALBUM, Sacrilidge that it goes for that price!

I clicked on 6 albums - all were available cheaper either on ShopLoveFilm, Asda Entetainment or Play. Nice try, but I don't think there's a good deal here.

this new day was rushed and is by far the worst embrace album. 'the end is near' and 'you will hit the target everytime' are big tunes tho

I thought they were all pants apart from the Lupe Fiasco - Food And Liquor CD for £1.99 which is a bargain but seems to be that price everywhere.


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For me, the only choice from the list is Ant and Dec's classic album: - 'The Cult of Ant and Dec'!

Most available at the same price or cheaper elsewhere. Not such a good deal as it first seems.

wouldnt order anything from sendit, ordered a dvd christmas 2010, still waiting

nice, put your hands up

The Ultimate Hardcore Album :))nice
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