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57FT Outdoor String Lights Mains 15+2(Spare) LED Bulbs £12.99 Prime with voucher Sold by CHENYIHONG LTD and Fulfilled by Amazon

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Update: voucher on the 107ft version has expired but the 57ft still has the £17 voucher available so deal still live as it's still a great deal.

Seems like a good deal on these using the £25 clickable voucher box on the landing page. Please note these are not solar or battery powered, they are mains powered.

57ft version with £17 voucher so £12.99 net (thanks to @Copperface for the heads up)

Voucher valid until Sunday, 8 January 2023 or while stocks last.

A bit of a niche product so not expecting fireworks on the heat front but I've had a good run so do your worst. Personally I think they look great but what do I know?

There's a decent product video available on the landing page.

Fulfilled by Amazon so you should be sorted should anything go wrong.

Note: This item is eligible for FREE Click and Collect without a minimum order subject to availability. Details


About this item
  • 【Super Energy Saving & Shatterproof & Detachable】: Seklin 106Ft 30 E26 Sockets with 30pcs S14 LED Edison Filament Bulb. Bulb Made from safe plastic and durable rubber, which is hard to break even accidentally dropping down and Seklin LED bulbs save over 90% energy over incandescent bulbs, Long lifespan last 30,000 hours can reduce maintenance costs on changing bulbs frequently.
  • 【Waterproof Outdoor Garden Lights】Seklin S14 String Lights are made with special waterproof sockets that form a deep seal around the bulb. IP65 waterproof copper cord wire, do not overheat, high efficiency and energy saving. Wrapped by clear PVC, which has flexibility and protects the copper wire from being broken. That withstand the wear tear and all kinds of weather use around the year. Great for your outdoor garden, pool area, gazebo, porch, deck, wedding, Bar, balcony, or any outdoor party
  • 【24V Low Voltage - Safety & Savings】The Seklin S14 string is powered by 24V low voltage and is UKCA certified by a professional body, saving you more money on your electricity bill by using 24V low voltage power while ensuring the same brightness as a 240V string. Compared to other 240V high voltage strings, the Seklin S14 offers you a safer and more economical outdoor light string.
  • 【Easy to install】each socket has a hook hole at the top for you to hang the string lights quickly and save your time. You can easily hang them perfectly in any space. Perfect for your outdoor garden, pool area, gazebo, porch, deck, pergola, wedding, bar, balcony or any outdoor party and event.
  • 【Your Satisfaction is Our Priority】 We provide a one-year warranty service for the string light. If you have unsatisfactorily with your purchase for any reason, please contact us and we will make things right. Customer satisfaction is our highest pursuit.
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    Anyway, I have two sets of lights almost identical to this that I bought for a lot more a couple of years ago. They are excellent. Been outside in rain, hail, smow and sun and all the bulbs still work. Daisychained two sets together and they light up the garden really well but in a soft welcoming way, not at all harsh. Only thing I had to buy extra was an extension lead as the supplied one is really short to the plug.......not sure if it;s the same for this type but they ddo look very similar.
    Great to hear, thanks
  2. Avatar
    Amazon link for replacement bulbs Probably worth buying a second set for spares! (edited)
    Blimey, my deal is better than I thought it was
  3. Avatar
    The 106 ft work out at £24.99 after the voucher. The shorter ones at £29.99 have a £17 voucher so £12.99.
    Its £25 off £45 so it works out to £20 after the voucher
  4. Avatar
    Ordered worth it for the bulbs! We have these and have been great thanks op
    Very welcome
  5. Avatar
    How much will it cost to power these in the evening for a couple of hours?
    0.4w rating per bulb*. 30 x 0.4 = 12w. 34p per 1000w. 34p per 83 hours?

    Disclaimer I'm rubbish at maths so don't take this as gospel
    • Bulb type: E26 base, 0.4W, S14 bulb
  6. Avatar
    I have two sets of Feit and they were £90 each set. These are a bargain, just the bulbs would cost you this amount.
  7. Avatar
    Looks out of stock now with this offer from this supplier.
    I've changed the deal to the 57ft version as that still has the £17 voucher and IMO is still a great deal
  8. Avatar
  9. Avatar
    Thanks Op, went for the smaller set, didn't know I wanted these, but look great and for £12.99 well worth a go
    Very welcome

    Agreed, I didn't know I wanted these either (until I saw them) (edited)
  10. Avatar
    Garden to small, no outside plug, bought! thanks op
    Very welcome
  11. Avatar
    Thanks for the heads up. Giving these a go at that price
    Very welcome.
  12. Avatar
    Very good price as it includes 32 bulbs as well....
  13. Avatar
    Bought for the spare 💡
    Good idea when you look at how much replacement bulbs cost
  14. Avatar
    For anyone who wants to link sets these have been faultless for 5 years now BRIMAX Outdoor String Lights, 49ft Waterproof Garden String Festoon Lights, 16 Warm White 2700K S14 2W LED Bulbs, E27 Sockets Festoon Lights Outdoor for Patio Backyard Cafe Wedding Party Festival amzn.eu/d/5…O25
    Yep, they are the ones I have, Been brilliant.
  15. Avatar
    Thanks, ordered both the 106FT + 57FT lengths.

    I've noticed that the bulb spacing on these ones are 1 bulb every metre, unlike many others which have approx 2 bulbs per metre, so this one is more spaced out. Hoping this doesn't affect the brightness levels due to the larger spacing.
  16. Avatar
    Great price but cannot chain 2 sets together
    Yep just noticed that as well. Still a decent price though......I paid a lot more for two sets that you could daisychain.
  17. Avatar
    Anyone come across any similar looking solar powered ones?
    In our climate these just wouldn't work if solar powered, I'm pretty sure.
  18. Avatar
    What are people plugging these into.

    Going by the plug, they won't plug into a standard outside socket
    It's a UK plug certified by UKCA. (edited)
  19. Avatar
    Thanks for posting. Ordered

    Have some heat !
    Very welcome and thanks
  20. Avatar
    Gone up in price now by 2p lol
  21. Avatar
    Sorry if this is a stupid question but where do I get the "clickable voucher box on the landing page"?
    Should be showing just under the price.
  22. Avatar
    Looks like it’s finished I was lucky. I ordered 10 minutes ago told friend offer not showing
    Still showing for me when I log out (as bought already so the voucher box disappears). anyone else?
  23. Avatar
    Heat... I bought 30m packs for 29.99 from home bargains this year I could daisy chain them but for thr price this is great managed to get the short ones and large ones for family's Xmas present x
  24. Avatar
    great price, great deal, bought both sets, have some solar ones about 10ft long and summer ok, winter lights last about 15mins so these will be perfect for the garden
  25. Avatar
    Ordered, thanks for posting
    Very welcome
  26. Avatar
    Just went to order larger set and error at checkout , only small set available now
  27. Avatar
    No voucher on landing page for the 106ft 😞
    The £17 voucher on the 57ft version is still active
  28. Avatar
    Just missed out too on the longer set
  29. Avatar
    £17 voucher stíll avail on 57ft ..heat
  30. Avatar
    Can only order 1 set , was hoping to order 2 smaller ones but only 1 set per customer (edited)
    Very easy to create a new Amazon account.
  31. Avatar
    Ordered, thanks OP £12.99
    Very welcome
  32. Avatar
    didn't need
    didn't want
  33. Avatar
    Mine came to £20.01 just to be really picky
  34. Avatar
    Voucher seems to have gone sadly
  35. Avatar
    Showing as £7 voucher for me
  36. Avatar
    Can't find them for £12.99?
  37. Avatar
  38. Avatar
    Ordered the 64 one with 30 bulbs for 20.99 as others seem to have gone up.
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