10ft Trampoline & Enclosure - £99 *Instore* @ Asda

10ft Trampoline & Enclosure - £99 *Instore* @ Asda

Found 30th Mar 2011
Saw them on display in the carpark - with a big sign saying no bouncing and a padlock on the entry hole!

nice size 10 ft and the enclosure

not sure if online
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£99 10ft JumpKING Combo Trampoline from Asda
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anyone know what the quality of this is like? Thanks
I brought one about three years ago and it is still going strong.

anyone know what the quality of this is like? Thanks

Fantastic quality....we got the same one 18m ago and it's still going strong. There's a rigid-ish hoop around the top which keeps it's shape...no stupid ties it just sits on top of the poles. Net is nice and strong. If they brought this out in a 12ft version at that price or similar I'd be queuing up to buy it for ours to grow into.

does it look the same as this … does it look the same as this one?http://www.trampledunderfoot.co.uk/catalog/view/jumpking-combo-trampoline

Very similar if not identical
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Saw these at Asda in MK yesterday and thought it was a good deal
they do do a 12 foot one it is just out of stock at Asda.
just ordered mine thanks
Picked one up last night. Not built it yet but yet to read a shabby review.
Have had ours for 2 years or more, used daily, pretty much in any weather, the mesh has just given up the ghost and the padding around the edge has pretty much had it now. The tramopline and frame are still in top shape though.
Very well used by my 2 kids and about 6 others, and we have never taken the mesh down or covered it from the elements, which would have weakened these. Even with my son practising footy and cricket skills in there I believe it is top value for money.
Great deal.
Kids love it ...
£18.95 delivery if you order on-line............will check my local store tomorrow!!
there is loads of these left in huyton,liverpool asda
Great product, mine is in year 2 and still going strong ....
I bought one last year. Great product.
bought one on friday and built it then too. great product cheapest arounf by far that i have seen. money well spent!!!
I bought one last year online and only paid £5 delivery, out of the 3 different trampoline combos we've had this has been the best by far.
homebase did one a few weeks ago for £85 del. i think asda will reduce price soon.
iv got a bit of a daft question,
in these, what's the size of the actual jumping space? is the diameter the measurement from edge to edge?
Got one of these a couple of years ago. Excellent quality. Only downside is to replace the net or the blue padding will cost £50 each.

Best thing I've bought for my 2 and the neighbours kids. Used all year round.

My inlaws just got a 8ft trampoline of the web and paid £50 more and not as good quality.

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