10ft Trampoline with Enclosure - £99.00 @ Asda Direct

10ft Trampoline with Enclosure - £99.00 @ Asda Direct

Found 4th May 2011
Just ordered one for my son after being out bid on ebay - 2nd hand ones are going for £80+ so this looks like a good deal. Delivery is £9.99 on top of that. Can't wait to have a go myself!!!


Sorry but think this may get chilly as this deal is much better:


Thanks, I've ordered one today after doing much research it seems Asda come out top.

Crosbee - May 04, 2011 17:23
Sorry but think this may get chilly as this deal is much better:


The Focus one is not such a good deal as it seemed to be online only and you cannot order it now as Focus are in the hands of the admistrators according to their website.

We have bought this one from Asda for our children and it seems very sturdy so far and was quite easy to put together.

we bought the asda one a couple of years ago in store for the same price, good trampoline, its finally started to rip on the netting and the cushion around the side, was going to try to find another netting set but i think it will be cheaper to get a new trampoline...

I brought one of these last year. very good trampoline. better quality than the focus unit.

We got 1 instore last year for 96 and it still looks like new having been outside all winter. At 99 delivered (from a store likely to be still around next week) it is a bargain.

Argos are doing a decent PLUM trampoline for £99.97

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Argos were selling the Plum tramploline for half price at £99 but that deal seems to have ended. It's now priced at £179.99 - huge difference.

bought this few weeks ago and its a fab trampoline, this was posted a couple of months ago works out about £102 delivered with quidco, very sturdy and as the net sits across the top of the poles they dont sag inwards after a while like a lot of the other styles do

Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog ]Playpennies!


Does anyone know where to get a replacement trampoline bed for this thing cheaply? We bought one a couple of months ago and found it impaled on the washing line in all that wind. Big hole in the bed of it and the official replacement is £80!

Ordered mine,, and waiting for it to be delivered, cant wait.
It has great reviews on the website
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