10kg Chicken Breast £4.00/kg including delivery from Livelean

10kg Chicken Breast £4.00/kg including delivery from Livelean

Found 2nd May 2017
This deal came up on my Instagram Feed. Let me break it down for you guys.

Step 1: Click the deal URL
Step 2: Scroll down and enter "CHICKSAVE" (without quotes) into the box
Step 3: Click the "Add Products and Redeem Offer" button

You'll be taken to the shopping cart, the total will be £10.95 for the £5kg chicken however you can't checkout until you have at least £25 Total.

*The order total must be £25 before you can checkout!*

To get round this you can add more chicken to the basket by continuing to shop.


Option 1


2 x Exclusive 5kg Premium Chicken Fillets

Subtotal £49.90
Discount (CHICKSAVE) -£14.00
Total £35.90
Delivery +£3.95

Total £39.85 (Inc Del)

39.85/10 = £3.98 /kg


Option 2


Exclusive 5kg Premium Chicken Fillets
2kg Chicken Breast
Liquid Egg Whites 1L

Subtotal £39.55
Discount (CHICKSAVE) -£14.00
Total £25.55
Delivery +£3.95

Total £29.50 (Inc Del)

29.40/7 = £4.2 /kg

I personally went for option 2 because I wanted egg whites.

This is my first post! Apologies if it isn't well structured.

I hope this makes it cheaper for some of you guys to make those gains!

Peace out!

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Coupon code "CHICKSAVE" is not valid.????
You should try a chinese cash & carry. £26 for 10KG, good quality chicken too.
Thank you!
Hi freccle

The code is still working. Make sure to click the "GET" button on this page. You'll be forwarded to the livelean site where if you scroll down it'll ask you to enter the code.

Make sure the product in your basket is named "Exclusive 5kg Premium Chicken Fillets"

The code only works for 1 set of 5kg Chicken breast.


Their "Premium" chicken is awful. Not trimmed, blood, bits of .. I think.. windpipe. See pics. Don't waste your money.

Tried to get in touch. Their phone was out of service, they didn't answer on chat and haven't responded to email. Can't see them lasting with that kind of service

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