10pk Set Recipro Blades Just £4.21 with all tools Free delivery in June and low prices

10pk Set Recipro Blades Just £4.21 with all tools Free delivery in June and low prices

Found 18th Jun 2007
I bought a recipricating saw recently and wanted more blades, the sheds want £2-3 each and Screwfix want £13 for this exact set and you have to pay delivery under £45 too.

This firm which I have used before are offering free delivery in June and thats ideal for all those small tool orders that usually have to wait until you have enough for a bulk free del order. They also stock lots of Silverline kit which I have found to be good quality with 3yr warranty on power tools.

10pk Set Recipro Blades
Contains 3 metal cutting, 4 wood cutting & 3 pruning blades.

Metal - Use for straight & fine cuts in metal.18TPI. 1.4mm tooth pitch. 150mm.
Wood - Use for curved, fine & fast cuts in wood. 6TPI. 4.2mm tooth pitch. 150mm.
Pruning - Use for pruning green wood & roots. 5TPI. 4-6.5mm tooth pitch. 240mm.
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Just what I've been looking for. £12 for a set of three in my local Focus.
Excellent deal. Thanks
Yes I dont expect this deal to get too hot a reception here as its really for us DIY'ers, but the price of replacement blades in the local stores like B&Q is hiked up to make up for the low priced power tools I guess.
Companies like MP tools having a free delivery month is a godsend to cut the price of all those small items that you cant normally order online due to delivery fees.
Silverline also do packs of blades for specific applications too so if you just want wood blades you can get just those.

Oh boy, just read this back, I am going to get accused of working for this company or Silverline next ;-)
Morning Mike

Out of interest* (see noseness*), do you work for MP or Silverline?

Not an accusation, just a question :whistling:

No, of course I dont otherwise I would have spotted the free delivery on the first of June rather than this last weekend, also I would have to build another shed for all those nice tools!
price pretty good, free delivery superb!
:thumbsup: Fantastic Many thanks I was just looking for some of these

So I am not the only owner of a recip saw then? ;-)

I keep looking round for things to cut since I got it! Just like when I bought my first petrol chainsaw. Around 20 leylandi trees went crashing to the ground, I just couldnt help myself...the power...
bargain, got these even though ive never used my recip saw yet, well worth getting at that price though will come in handy one day cheers!!!
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