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Posted 2 January 2023

10TB Recertified WD Elements Desktop (Black) £135 with code @ Western Digital

£135£149.9910% off
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10TB WD Elements Desktop (Recertified).
1 Year WD Limited Warranty
USB 3.0
Micro B

6TB Available for £81 with code
Western Digital More details at Western Digital
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    Could you connect this to back of a Synology NAS?
    Yes, I have three attached to mine using a hub.
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    I would like to add here, that my order is taking a-g-e-s to turn up, if that is a factor for anyone thinking of buying. So I can only assume this is par for the course on WD from Ireland. Its been over 2weeks, and only one half of my order dispatched. Will update when i know more about the actual drives that arrive.
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    Anyone got theirs? especially those planning to shuck it
    Yep - just running testing now. It will take DAYS.

    a) took THREE WEEKS for these to turn up at all, and little comms about it. Still waiting on one half of my order pending dispatch.
    b) The 10TB drives contained a WD WHITE LABEL drive. (WD100EMAZ), apparently this is CMR but has mixed workload speeds which are not amazing. I am check more on this, as it was just a post on Reddit and I beleive firmware may have changed.
    c) Appears the drive had 2hrs and 3hrs runtime prior to refurb/during refurb on smart data. No bad blocks or issues so far.
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    Out of interest, what would you need such big hard drives for?
    Linux ISOs
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    Show me a single 10TB SSD for under £500...

    Time to upgrade the 4x4TB RAID, 40TB upgrade for £540, thanks!
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    Ordered thanks op, needed a new drive for my emulator roms this will do just nicely
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    Anyone received this already and shucked it can tell us what they got? feels like loot boxes for data hoarders
    +1 on this. Anyone plugged it in to check drive metadata /shucked it ? I opted for 6tb version, will let you know what i find
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    Does anyone what drives are in these? Thanks
    Anonymous User
    Nah but they submit their white paper on their website for the data sheet
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    I need to expand my Plex server. Can I crack this open and find a normal 3.5 sata drive ?
    Yes but that voids all warranty. My failed after 9 months and WD wouldn't replace it.
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    Anonymous User
    1TB works out about £13 ... So about on average 75% cheaper than an ssd .....
    That's waay too pricey for HDD (edited)
    Dont know how youq get there. Disks are rarely lower than £15/tb
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    How much would it cost to run this and how does it compare to 10tb online storage costs wise?
    Local storage is always cheaper in the long run… usual buy back is in months not years
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    This or the 14tb
    14TB deal is better £/TB
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    Excellent, finally a decent drive to store my Atari VCS 2600 game collection all in one place
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    the 14 TB was out but managed to just buy this 10 TB one.
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    I wasnt sure what EMEA Recertified but found out its refurbished its kinda putting me off, just lost a external after two years so whos to say this hasnt been heavily used already
    Just as a side note, EMEA is Europe, Middle East & Africa, but yeah… re-certified is effectively refurbished.
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    One of the HDDs in my CCTV desktop has just failed so thought I’d get this but it’s out of stock at the mo.
    With cctv you’re much better to buy cctv hard drives, a bit more expensive, but when they last so much longer it’ll work out cheaper