10x440ml Fosters. fridge pack only 4.99. @ Somerfield

10x440ml Fosters. fridge pack only 4.99. @ Somerfield

Found 15th Jul 2008
fosters 440ml x 10 for 499p was 999p. not sure of abv think it is 4%. limited time only not sure how long tho so hurry, normally the deals are about 1-2 weeks. there are some other good deals on too like u can get 4 bottles of san miguel 660ml for a fiver. and i'm not sure if it is the same in other stores but at mine pepsi is reduced to one pound but this is only on the tag when it is scanned it comes up as 80p! pepsi 2ltr btw... even tho u can get it cheaper elsewhere still good if u pop down there for both...
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50p a can? bargain!
considering last week it was 5.99 for 12 carlsberg which isn't as nice and that deal was reasonably hot, i know u can get 24 cans of carlsberg at morrisons for 11 quid but that is quite a lot of beers.
chyuss! finally a good response to me finds!
I'm not too keen on Fosters, but at that price you can't go wrong.
just been in local store still showing as 9.99. When does deal start?
same price as Boheme @ Tesco which is 4.7 ABV, I'm not having a go at this offer though as Fosters is nice as well. Voted HOT.
sorry just found out it starts tomorrow. should have looked into that
fosters and calsberg (to the guy how was not rating them )are both nice beers and at 50p a can cant complain
fosters is a girls drink same as carlsberg
has to be wifebeater
brock stop talking complete bs and vote the thing hot
starts today so get down there now
Offers valid from 16 July 2008 to 29 July 2008
it says in the title
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